There are lots of ways you can pay your mortgage for example: online, at an ATM or in branch. If you aren't registered yet, you just need our mortgage account number to get set up find out about our Internet Bank service and how to register

Pay your mortgage using the Internet Bank

A regular payment can be used to pay your mortgage or make overpayments.

You can set up a regular payment either online at any time or in branch during opening hours. We’ll need a few details from you first and it’s really important these are correct so the payment doesn't go astray.

What we'll need ...

The payee details including their:

  • Name or business name
  • Account number (8 digits)
  • Sort code (6 digits)

The payment details including the:

  • Payment start and end date
  • Amount
  • Payment reference number

This type of payment can be used and re-used to make payments/overpayments following your instruction.

Pay your mortgage from another bank or building society

Please supply the bank or building society with the following details:

  • the sort code is '070094'
  • the account number is '44444445', and
  • your 'Reference Number' is your mortgage account number.

If you want to make irregular or one-off payments please contact your account provider for details on how to do this.

Transfers can take typically 3-5 working days to show on your mortgage account.

Pay your mortgage at a branch

You can make payments to your mortgage by cash or cheque at any one of our branches.

Please make cheque's payable to:

  • Nationwide YOUR NAME - for example, Nationwide - John Smith

Please remember to include your mortgage account number on the back of the cheque.

Pay your mortgage at an ATM

A single payment has to be set up on your account before you can use an ATM to pay a bill/transfer money. Click on this link to find out more make a single payment at a cash machine (ATM).