Introducing our new, accessible eco cards

16 May 2022

We’ve redesigned our adult debit and credit cards for people and planet.


Base rate change from the Bank of England

22 July 2022

Find out how mortgages and savings are affected by the change to the base rate.

Identity theft and identity fraud

20 July 2022

Identity theft is when criminals steal your personal information and use it to make money or commit fraud. Learn how to stay safe online and how to keep your money and your credit score safe.

Look out for fake investment firms

22 June 2022

Have you been contacted unexpectedly by someone offering an amazing investment opportunity? Does it seem too good to miss?

Fake travel deals and scam holidays

25 May 2022

Whether you're booking a dream holiday or a weekend retreat, know the warning signs and how to book your next holiday safely and securely.

Scammers are pretending to be the police

27 April 2022

If you get a call from someone claiming to be the police, it can be hard to say no. But scammers are pretending to be 'undercover officers’.

Keeping you and your home safe from rogue traders

28 March 2022

It's not easy to tell a skilled, helpful person from a scammer. But there are some steps you can take to keep your money and your property safe.

Community Fund winners

21 March 2022

Find out which Northern Ireland charities won our Community Fund grants.

Together, we’ve donated over £1 million to Ukraine

9 May 2022

We’re partnering with the British Red Cross to help those impacted by the situation in Ukraine. Find out more and how to donate.

Have you been messaged by a scammer?

11 March 2022

Scammers are using WhatsApp, texts and other messaging apps to swindle people out of their money.

'Safe account' scams

9 March 2022

How to identify a 'safe account' scam. And what to do if you've moved money to a scam bank account.

Dating a scammer

1 February 2022

When looking for romance online, you could instead be talking to a scammer.

Investment and cryptocurrency scams

20 January 2022

Looking to invest some spare money? Know what to avoid to invest securely.

Mutual respect award winner: December

Simon Mahomed wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for December 2021.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams

25 November 2021

Scams are on the rise at this time. Find out how to keep your money safe.

Mutual respect award winner: November

Elizabeth Jackson wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for November 2021.

Scam Checker Service launched

We’re on hand to talk to when you’re not sure about a payment.

Mutual respect award winner: October

Rio Turner wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for October.

Your contactless limit is changing

From 15 October 2021, you’ll be able to make contactless payments in the UK up to £100 from some accounts.

Mutual respect award winner: September

Lucas Capalbo wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for September.

Mutual respect award winner: August

Hafiz is the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award winner for August.

Mutual respect award winner: July

David Gold wins the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for July.

Support #WeThe15

Campaign that aims to transform the lives of people who have a disability.

Mutual respect award winner: June

Olivia Hancock and Bayley Walklate are the joint winners for June.

The Future of Home

03 August 2021

We published a report looking into how our relationships with our homes have changed in the past 18 months.

Members help raise £50,000 for Shelter

22 July 2021

Your vote really made a difference.

Mutual respect award winner: May

Stephen Hunt is the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award winner for May.

Mutual respect award winner: April

Ray Lee is the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award winner for April

Double awards win for our remortgages and branch network

23 June 2021

We took home the top prize for remortgages, and were highly commended for our branch network, in this year’s Moneyfacts Consumer Awards.

Preparing for your future through investments

Model Portfolio offering open to new investors.

Our Home Support Package

10 August 2020

If you’ve been financially affected by coronavirus, we want to do all we can to help.

Mutual respect award winner: March

Liv Hall, a 21-year-old junior football coach volunteer, has won the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for March.

Our Start to Save prize draw winners

1 March 2021

Three of our Start to Save prize draw winners share their reactions to winning.

Mutual respect award winner: February

Tina Jacobs, a football coach volunteer, has won the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award.

Mutual respect award winner: January

Congratulations to Dan Weston, junior football coach for Peacehaven and Telscombe FC in Sussex. The first Nationwide Mutual Respect Award winner.

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