Our approach to inclusion & diversity

We are building a truly inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and for our Society to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
We need a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences to help us continue to serve our customers in the best way and offer the services and products that are most relevant to them. When people can reach their potential at work, it makes a happier, more fulfilling workplace, and increases innovation, drives better decision-making and boosts performance.

Measuring our progress

We want our colleagues to feel empowered so they can bring out the best in themselves and in others, whatever their background, identity or circumstances. To understand how included our colleagues feel and how diverse our workforce is, we measure our progress. This helps us to determine where we need to take action. To see more on our measures and our progress, see our Sustainability Report on pages 22-25 and page 51 or our Annual Report and Accounts.

We measure our progress through reporting on and committing to reduce our Pay Gaps and share our commitment to gender representation across our organisation as signatories of the Women in Finance Charter.

Our Employee Network Groups

At Nationwide, we have employee networks dedicated to supporting our inclusion & diversity mission.

The role of our Employee Networks is to:

  1. Foster community and belonging for network members
  2. Be an active partner in shaping and delivering strategic interventions aligned to Nationwide’s strategy
  3. Celebrate and raise awareness of inclusion, diversity, equity and sustainability to increase allyship and understanding

Read about some of the impactful work they're driving on page 23 of our Sustainability Report.