What makes you a member

You're a Nationwide member if you have a:


The following products do not make you a member: Personal loans, credit cards, investments, insurance policies, or business savings accounts if you're a company, charity or trustee. Products from our subsidiaries (such as The Mortgage Works) also won't make you a member.

Our member benefits

  1. Sharing our profits with members

    We launched the Nationwide Fairer Share as part of our ongoing commitment to rewarding our members.

  2. Member-only products

    We have a range of products we keep just for our members – savings accounts, credit cards and loans.

  3. Switching to a new mortgage deal

    Existing mortgage members can switch to a new mortgage deal with rates as good as, or better than, those available to new customers remortgaging to us.

  4. Our Savings Promises

    We have 7 promises to make things fairer for our members. We promise we won't offer 'brand new customer only' savings accounts.

  5. Have your say

    Our members decide how we’re run, through our Annual General Meetings (AGM).

  6. Branch commitment

    We’re investing in our branches. Because we're committed to supporting communities. And understand the importance of talking face-to-face.

Why we're different

We’re not a bank. We’re a ‘mutual’ building society. As a mutual, we are owned by our members, which means we think about profit in a different way from our banking peers.

We help each other buy homes and save for our futures by bringing our borrowers and savers together. We help each other with our other financial needs too, all for our mutual benefit.

We look after our members

We're dedicated to keeping your money safe. Our Scam Checker Service means you can talk to us whenever you're unsure about a payment. And when times get tough we're here for you. You can speak to a Cost of Living expert through our free hotline.

Scam Checker Service

Managing your money

Money worries

Caring for our community

We want to build a stronger, kinder society. And we believe everyone should have a place fit to call home. That's why we support housing charities and invest in local communities.

Social investment

Our charity partnerships