Supporting our members during coronavirus

Find out how we can support you if the impact of coronavirus on your finances has you worried about making your credit card payments.

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Everything you might need to manage your credit card, in one place. We listen and act on your feedback so you get the answers you need right here on our website.

Credit card general enquiries

0345 600 66 11 (UK)
+44 2476 43 89 97 (Abroad)

Useful information

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 9am - 5pm

An automated account enquiry service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Lost or stolen cards

Report a lost, stolen or damaged card and order a replacement. 

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Using your card abroad

Everything you need to know before you set off.

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