I think the payment is fraudulent

Fraud is when someone has taken money through a transaction that you didn’t make or authorise. In most instances, people don’t know they’ve been a victim of fraud until they see that money has been taken. Or they’re alerted by their bank or building society.

If you believe you’re a victim of fraud, report the fraudulent payment to us.

I don't recognise the payment

Before you contact us, we recommend you do these quick checks.

  1. Check the organisation name

    Organisations trade under different names. They may not appear on your list of payments by the name you know them as.

    Check common trading names
  2. Check with your other account holder

    If you have a joint account, it could be a payment made by the other account holder. Check they don’t recognise the payment.

    More about joint accounts
  1. Check it's not an old purchase

    Most payments appear within 7 days of making a purchase, but this can take up to 120 days. Did you buy something for that amount a few months ago? Check your previous statements to see if the payment went out earlier.

    How to view statements online
  2. Check it's not a renewed subscription

    It’s easy to forget to cancel a free trial or an old subscription for something you don’t use. If you’ve accidentally renewed a subscription, contact the company. You may be able to get a refund.

    Get help with regular payments

Contact us about an unrecognised payment

If you've tried these steps and you still don’t recognise the payment, you can get in touch with us for help.

How would you like to contact us?

I recognise the payment, but it's wrong

I've paid the wrong account

If you've sent a payment to the wrong account, we can try to help get it back.

A recurring card payment has been taken after I cancelled it

This means the payment wasn’t authorised by you, so you’re due a refund.

Note the date you cancelled the recurring card payment and the payments the company has taken since. Then, contact us about cancelling a recurring card payment.

I want to dispute the payment

If you recognise the payment but would like to dispute it, we may be able to help.