The minimum monthly payment amount

If you have a Member Credit Card, Select Credit Card or Nationwide Credit Card, your minimum monthly payment will be any late payment fees and interest due plus 1% of the remaining statement balance (or £25, whichever is greater).

If you have a Gold or Classic Credit Card the minimum payment will be 3% of your statement balance (or £5, whichever is greater).

You can also choose to pay off your statement in full.

Make your payment

There are lots of ways to make a payment to your credit card.

You could set up a Direct Debit. This means the payments will be taken automatically, so you won't have to remember to make a payment each month.

If you don’t want to set up a Direct Debit, you can make a one-off payment online, over the phone or in branch.

Change your payment date

You can view your payment date on your credit card statement in our Internet Bank.

If you need to change your payment date to one that's more convenient, you can do this over the phone.

Call us

Our Credit Card Services Team are happy to help over the phone.

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm. Sundays and bank holidays, 9am to 5pm.

If you’re struggling to make a payment

If you’re worried about making future monthly payments, or if you’ve missed one or more, we’re here to help you.

We understand it may be difficult to talk about it but the sooner you get in touch, the quicker we can help you.

Persistent debt on your credit card

This is where, over 18 months, you’re paying more in interest, fees and charges than you’re paying off the amount you’ve borrowed with your credit card. This is an expensive way to borrow money. And it will usually take you longer to repay the money you owe.