Transfer money from another account

Pay using the Internet Bank

If you're registered, log in to the Internet Bank, then choose:

  1. Quick transfer on the left side of the page
  2. the account you want to pay from
  3. the credit card you want to pay
  4. the amount you want to pay
  5. Go.

Your payment should reach your credit card within 1 working day.

Pay using the Banking app

Open the Banking app on your mobile phone, then choose:

  1. the account you want to pay from
  2. Pay or move money on the bottom right
  3. One of your Nationwide accounts
  4. the credit card you want to pay
  5. the amount you want to pay
  6. Next
  7. confirm the details are correct
  8. Make transfer.

Your payment should reach your credit card within 1 working day.

Pay from another bank or building society

If you want to pay your credit card from an account with another bank or building society, you'll need to set up a new payee. You may be asked to confirm a few details about the account before you can make the payment.

  1. Choose personal account, when asked to select the account type.
  2. Enter your full first name and last name. So that's 'Thomas', not 'Tom'.
  3. Enter the account's sort code and account number. You'll need to pay the following Nationwide account: sort code 07 30 12 and account number 00001604.
  4. Add your payment reference. Use the 16 digit card number on the front of your credit card.

These details can also be used if someone else wants to pay your credit card.

You'll need to check with the other bank how long your transfer will take to be completed.


Your 16 digit number will change if you report your credit card lost or stolen and receive a new card.

Pay by Direct Debit

You have 3 payment options:

1. Pay the minimum amount each month.
The minimum payment due will be taken.

2. Pay the total account balance each month.
The outstanding account balance when your statement was produced will be taken.

3. Pay a set amount each month.
If this set amount is less than the minimum payment due, we will take the minimum payment.

You can change between any of the 3 payment options any time online (if you're registered for online banking), or by calling us on 03456 00 66 11, 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday or 9am to 5pm on Sundays and bank holidays.

You’ll need:

  • the account number and sort code of the bank account you are paying from
  • your 16 digit credit card number

A new Direct Debit will be confirmed on your next statement. Until then, please make sure you continue to pay by your usual method. 

Direct Debit payments will reach your card the same day, unless your payment is due on a weekend. Then it’ll be the next working day.

Pay with cash or cheque

You can pay your credit card in branch using a cheque or cash.

You’ll need to take:

  • Your credit card
  • Your payment slip, if you’re paying by cheque. You don’t have to have this with you but it’s quicker if you do

Payments by cheque can take up to 5 working days to reach your account.

Payments by cash will go into your account the same day.

To pay your credit card through the post, make your cheque payable to Nationwide Credit Card, followed by your name. Write your 16 digit card number on the back of the cheque and send it to:

Nationwide Credit Card Services
PO Box 2884
SN38 1WZ


For security reasons, do not send cash in the post.

Persistent debt on your credit card

This is where, over 18 months, you’re paying more in interest, fees and charges than you’re paying off the amount you’ve borrowed with your credit card. This is an expensive way to borrow money. And it will usually take you longer to repay the money you owe.