Adding a card holder

Share the benefits of your credit card account with someone else and have an additional card for them to use. They must be over 18, and it’s important to remember that you’ll be responsible for the card and how it’s used.

Who is responsible for the credit card

While you can add up to 4 additional card holders to your account, it’s not possible to make someone a joint account holder. You (as the account holder) will always have full responsibility for:

  • all transactions, even if you disapprove of them
  • making your minimum monthly payments
  • charges made to your account, and
  • making sure the additional card is used in line with your credit card terms and conditions.

Your security

We can only discuss your account with you, unless you write and tell us we can speak to the additional card holder about your account. Only you can access and view your account online.

How to add a credit card holder

Download and print out our additional card holder form. Then fill it out and post it to us.

If you don't have access to a printer, you can call us on 03456 00 66 11. We'll then post the form to you. It'll usually arrive within 7 working days.

We’ll need to check the person's ID if they don't have any other Nationwide accounts. Find out what types of ID we accept.

Removing a card holder

Additional credit card holders are unable to remove themselves. Call us on 03456 00 66 11 to remove an additional card holder from your account.