Late payment fees

You could be charged a late payment fee of £12 if your monthly minimum payment isn't with us in time to be processed by the due date.

If you've missed a payment

You can bring your account up to date by:

Once you've made a payment, we suggest calling us to let us know. We'll then tell you if any charges have been applied to your account.

Not paying your balance off each month

You'll get charged interest on your credit card balance each month. You can check how much interest you may get charged on your monthly statement.

If a late payment fee has been applied to your account, you do not need to do anything. It will show on your next credit card statement and will be added to your outstanding balance.

If you can't make your minimum payment

You can get in touch with us by calling 03456 00 66 11 and we'll do all we can to help.

Avoiding late payment fees

You could set up a Direct Debit to avoid late payment fees. Once you have, the payments are taken automatically, so you won't have to remember to make a payment each month. It's also possible to change your payment date to one that's more convenient. You can do this by calling our Credit Card Services team on 03456 00 66 11.


If you don't want to set up a Direct Debit, please remember to send your payment to us in plenty of time before the agreed date. We usually process any payment we receive before 5pm the next working day (Monday to Friday, not including bank holidays).

Over your credit limit

You won't get charged if you go over your limit, but we'll add the amount owed to your minimum payment on your next statement.

We don't think it's fair to charge you a fee for spending over your credit limit on your card, but you must bring your account within your limit as quickly as possible.


Your credit score may be affected if you regularly go over your limit.

Alerts when you’re nearing your credit limit

We'll let you know when you're close to your credit limit by text message or email. You don’t have to do anything to receive these alerts. Just make sure we have the correct contact details for you.


You’ll get alerts even if you’ve opted out of marketing. That’s because email and text alerts are different to marketing.

What to do if you go over your limit

If you do go over your limit, you must get your account back within your limit by making the minimum payment on your next statements or by making an interim payment.

Interim payments

You make interim payments when you pay additional money to your card during a statement period.

Making an interim payment will get your account back within the limit sooner than if you wait for your next statement and due date.

Interest is calculated and applied per day, so interim payments will reduce the interest you’ll be charged on your outstanding balance.

If you decide to make an interim payment to get back within your limit, this will be applied to your balance as soon as we receive and process your payment.

Cash advance fee

You may have to pay a cash advance fee when you use your card to:

  • take out cash (for example, from a cash machine)
  • buy foreign currency
  • pay for traveller's cheques

We charge a fee of 2.5% of the amount withdrawn on each cash advance or £3, whichever is greater.


Interest is charged for cash advances on top of this fee from the day your transaction is made.

Balance transfer fee

We charge a 2.4% balance transfer fee or £5 whichever is greater.

You may be eligible for different balance transfer offers in the future, and this will come with different balance transfer fees.


Interest may be applied for balance transfers on top of this fee.

Foreign currency fee

As of 1 December 2020, all our credit cards offer worldwide commission-free purchases.


Interest charges may apply for foreign currency purchases and cash withdrawals.

Cash advance fee

All our cards carry a fee when you withdraw cash, whether that’s in sterling or a foreign currency. The fee is 2.5% of the value of the withdrawal or £3, whichever is greater.


The cash advance fee may also apply to transactions within the UK for foreign currency withdrawn at a bureau de change, bank or Post Office ®. The bureau or cash machine owner may also make a charge for cash withdrawals.

Not sure why you've been charged?

Call us

If you’re still not sure why you’ve been charged, we’re happy to help.

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm
Sundays and bank holidays, 9am to 5pm

UK: 03456 00 66 11
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