Who can register for SavingsWatch

SavingsWatch is free, and available to any of our individual members who are 16 or over.

What you’ll get

  • Alerts about your savings account
    If there are any improvements to your savings account’s features, we'll send you an email to let you know.

  • Alerts about other savings products
    We may also tell you about any new savings products we launch and any improvements to our current savings range. This includes savings related initiatives and services.

  • Alerts about your interest rate
    Alerts by email or text if your interest rate goes up or down.

  • Your savings summary
    We’ll email you a yearly summary of your savings rates and an overview of our savings range.


Power of Attorney using SavingsWatch

Attorneys registered with us can subscribe for SavingsWatch on behalf of the account holder. Any notifications will go directly to the account holder’s mobile number or email address.

How to sign up

How you sign up depends on whether we have your email or mobile number. That’s because SavingsWatch keeps you updated by email and SMS.

  1. Choose how to sign up

  2. Find your details

    If you register in branch, you’ll need:

    • an email address
    • a mobile phone number, if you want to receive text alerts.
  3. Wait for our message

    You'll receive a welcome email or text to confirm your registration.

Things to note

By registering for SavingsWatch, you consent to receiving communications relating to SavingsWatch by email, text and other electronic means in accordance with the SavingsWatch Terms and Conditions.

Only register if you’re happy for your contact details to be used by us to send you marketing communications relating to SavingsWatch.

  • Notifications

    • Details of new savings product launches will be sent to you by email.
    • Changes to your interest rate will be sent by email or text. You can let us know which you’d prefer when you register.
  • Roaming charges

    There may be a charge if you receive SavingsWatch texts while you're abroad. Check your tariff to find out what your provider charges for receiving texts abroad.

  • Joint accounts

    If you have a joint account with another member, you each have to sign up to receive alerts. You won’t both get alerts if only one account holder subscribes.

    You'll get separate notifications for each savings account you have.

Unsubscribing from SavingsWatch


Select the 'opt out' link at the end of your SavingsWatch email.


Text STOP to short code 85035.

Internet Bank

In your internet banking account.


Tell us in branch.