On 14 December 2023, we’re changing how you apply and qualify for our personal loans. If you already have a loan with us or you've already got a quote, visit our support page to learn more.

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Car loan

Found your next car or have a budget in mind? You could use a personal loan from Nationwide to help finance it.

Home improvement loan

Looking for more space or to spruce things up a little? A personal loan for home improvements could help turn your house into your forever home.

Loan to consolidate debts

Need to take control of your finances? You could pay off your debt using a Nationwide personal loan.

Borrowing with Nationwide

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If you already have a Nationwide loan, you can apply to borrow more.

Responsible lending

We have a responsibility to you, our members, to be open and honest, to treat you fairly, and to be safe and secure.

Other ways to borrow

A loan might not always be the right way to borrow the money you need. There might be a more suitable option for your financial situation.

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