We now have the UK’s biggest branch network

Our commitment to staying on the high street means we now have more branches than any other banking brand.

Our Branch Promise

We promise, if we currently have a Nationwide branch in your town or city*, we’ll still be there until at least 2026.

*Definition of town or city derived from the Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail.

We're here to help

Our branches are able to support you in a number of ways. Find out about the tools we have that makes our services more accessible.


Certain accounts, including FlexDirect and some savings accounts, can only be managed online or over the phone.

Paying in cash and cheques


You’ll need to visit us in branch to pay in cash. Any amount can be paid in at the counter or at one of our self-service machines.


You can visit us in branch to cash in a cheque. You can also send your cheques by post or use certain cash machines.

Getting cash out

In our branches

How much you can withdraw, depends on the type of Nationwide account that you have. For larger amounts of money, you will need to bring some ID along with you.

Current accounts

The majority of our current accounts allow you to withdraw up to £500 from a branch. And can get a counter draft of up to £10,000.

Credit cards

With our credit cards the minimum you can withdraw is £10 a day.

The maximum amount you can withdraw from a cash machine is £300. This goes up to £500 if you go into one of our branches.

You can only withdraw up to 50% of your available credit limit in cash.

There will be fees for withdrawing cash using your credit card.

Savings accounts

Not all savings accounts allow you to take money out in branch. Before you make the journey, check how to withdraw from your savings account, ISA or bond.  

To take money out of your savings account in branch you'll need to bring along your passbook or bank card. If you don't have a passbook, bring some valid ID, such as a passport or driving licence.

We'll go through some security questions with you if you want to take out more than £500. Withdrawals over £500 are subject to the funds being available in your branch. We’d recommend giving your branch at least 1 full working day’s notice (Saturday is not a working day). They may need to order in the cash ready for your withdrawal.

Be sure to allow extra time around bank holidays

Post Office

You can use a Post Office to check your balance and withdraw up to £500 if you have a:

  • FlexAccount
  • FlexPlus
  • FlexDirect, or
  • FlexBasic.

Getting help from someone you trust

If for some reason you’re unable to come into branch, and you don’t feel confident banking online, don’t worry. We can arrange it so that someone you trust can help you manage your money.

Branch Finder

Check which branches are nearest as well as their opening hours. You can also learn which services they offer, as well accessibility information.

UK banking brands by branch network size

List of UK banking brands in order of branch network size.
Brand Oct-13 Oct-18 Oct-23 % Change Oct 2013-Oct 2023
Nationwide 757 678 605 -20%
Lloyds bank 1297 958 599 -54%
NatWest 1391 659 485 -65%
Halifax 662 614 477 -28%
Santander 1186 774 443 -63%
Barclays 1577 1181 346 -78%
HSBC 1159 627 333 -71%
TSB 631 551 211 -67%
Bank of Scotland 294 206 161 -45%
Virgin Money 330 237 130 -61%

©CACI Ltd 2023. Wealth and offshore branches are excluded.

Source data for number of UK banking brand branches provided by CACI Ltd. as of 1 October 2023. Excludes Post Office ®.

For latest closures see: www.link.co.uk/initiatives/bank-branch-closures/