Withdrawing from an ISA

You can take money out of your ISA by making a quick transfer via our Internet Bank or Banking app to your Nationwide current account or savings account.

Or, if your ISA allows, you can withdraw cash or cheques in your local branch. There are certain limits on how much you can take out in branch each day.

Remember, when you withdraw money from your ISA it loses its tax-free status.


When transferring to an ISA with another manager, please make sure you follow the correct transfer process. If you withdraw the money instead, you'll lose the tax-efficient benefits.

ISA flexibility

You can withdraw money from your cash ISA and replace it within the same tax year, without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance. This is called ISA flexibility. Our ISA flexibility explained page has more on this.

Not all ISA products offer flexibility so check the terms and conditions before applying.

Moving money between your Nationwide cash ISA products

You can move money between your Nationwide cash ISA products without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance. This is provided that the accounts you hold allow you to move money in and out of them.

ISAs with different withdrawal rules

If you have one of the following ISAs, there are different rules around taking your money out.

We suggest you always check your account’s terms and conditions for more information on your account and any charges.

Withdrawing from a Savings account

Find out how to take money out of your account, move money between your accounts, and any withdrawal limits.

We suggest you always check your account's terms and conditions for more information on your account.

Withdrawal instructions

Withdrawing from a bond

Bonds you can't withdraw from

For some of our bonds, you can only access your money by closing the account. These include:

  • Fixed Rate Bonds
  • Fixed Rate e-Bonds

If you close your account before the end of the term, you may have to pay an early access charge. You can find out what early access charges could apply in your account terms and conditions.

Bonds with a cancellation period

For some of our bonds, you can close and withdraw your money during the 14 day cancellation period. These include:

  • Fixed Rate Branch Bonds
  • Fixed Rate Online Bonds
  • Member Online Bonds
  • Nationwide Fairer Share Branch Bonds
  • Nationwide Fairer Share Online Bonds

Please make sure to check your account terms and conditions to see if your bond has a cancellation period.

The cancellation period starts on the day after you open your account. If you close your bond during this period and there's money in it, you can transfer these funds to your nominated account. This can be another Nationwide current account or savings account. Or an account you have with another bank or building society.

You'll need to go into branch to take your money out if you have more than the Faster Payment limit in your bond and you don't have another Nationwide account to pay into. The Faster Payment limit is currently £100,000.

After this 14 day period, you won't be able to take any money out of the account until it matures.

Limits on withdrawing cash and cheques in branch

To take money out of your savings account in branch you'll need to bring along your passbook or bank card. If you don't have a passbook, bring some valid ID, such as a passport or driving licence.

We'll go through some security questions with you if you want to take out more than £500. Withdrawals over £500 are subject to the funds being available in your branch. You should always call ahead with your request.

Not all savings accounts allow you to take money out in branch. Check the withdrawal instructions for your savings account on this page to see if you can take money out in branch.

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