Talking cash machines

All of our cash machines have voice assistance. And can be used with a headset or headphones – they’ll need to be corded with a 3.5mm jack.

If you can’t use a cash machine, our branch colleagues can help you make a withdrawal from the counter.

Getting in and out

All our branches have a power-assisted or automated entrance door. Almost all also have level access or wheelchair ramps.

You can check what facilities your nearest branch has, using our branch finder.

Helping hand units

We have a variety of units to help, including:

  • magnifiers
  • pen grips
  • cheque templates
  • bank note gauges
  • clipboards and lap-pads.

Induction loops

Induction loops improve sound quality if you have a hearing aid with a T setting. All our branches have at least one:

  • counter with an induction loop
  • portable induction loop to use in other parts of the branch.

Private meeting rooms

We can arrange for you to talk to a member of your branch team in a private room. It’s a good idea to call ahead, so we can make sure there’s one available.


We can provide:

  • British Sign Language interpreters
  • Lip-speakers
  • Speech-to-text reporters
  • Deafblind interpreters.

Please call your branch to arrange an interpreter before you visit.