Add or remove someone from a joint account

Find out how we can help if you want to add or remove a joint account holder from your current account.

How joint accounts work

  • The money in a joint account belongs to both of you. You’ll each have a debit card for spending and be able to take money out.
  • If the relationship breaks down, either of you can request to freeze the account. This means that neither of you can withdraw any money until you both agree to lift the freeze.
  • If there is an overdraft on the account the new account holder will be jointly responsible for it, even if it’s already in use.
  • If one of you passes away, the other will still hold the account and be entitled to all the money in it.
  • If you each have different addresses, we’ll only send paperwork to the first named account holder, unless you ask us to send it to both addresses.
  • You’ll both be members of Nationwide, but only the first named account holder will have the right to vote on Nationwide matters.
  • If we need to ask you to repay your overdraft we can ask either or both of you, regardless of who made the transactions.

We are changing terms and conditions and some charges for our current accounts

You can see our changed terms and conditions on our Current Account Changes page. Full details of the changes.

Please see the Money Advice Service website for more information about joint current accounts.

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