Choosing the best Nationwide current account for you

At Nationwide, we offer a range of current accounts. These are usually what people are looking for when they’re after a bank account.

Take a look at our comparison chart and discover the features of our most popular accounts.

Compare our everyday adult current accounts

This table shows the key features of our 3 everyday adult current accounts, to help you choose the best account for you.

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Our children's and student current accounts


Our children's bank account. For 11- to 17-year olds. Earn interest and get help managing your money.


Our student bank account. For those aged 18 or over. Apply for an interest-free arranged overdraft to help you manage your money at university. Conditions apply.

Our basic current account


This is only for people who don't hold another UK current account or don't qualify for our other current accounts.

What to look for when comparing current accounts

  • Fees
    Are there any monthly fees to pay to keep benefiting from the account?
  • Branch access and telephone support
    Are you happy to bank online only or would you like to be able to bank in person and over the phone too? More about our ways to bank.
  • Arranged overdrafts
    You can apply for an arranged overdraft with any of our everyday adult bank accounts. More about overdrafts.
  • Rewards and benefits
    What extra benefits are there if you open that current account? Can you earn interest on your money or get insurance for the whole family?
  • Joint account options
    All our everyday adult bank accounts can be opened as sole or joint accounts. Bank alone or with someone else. You choose.
  • Card features
    Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are all standard with our adult bank account range. Pay how you want to.
  • Text alerts
    We can send texts to your mobile to help you keep track of your money. More about text alerts.
  • Internet Bank, Banking app and telephone banking
    Bank on the go with any of our everyday adult bank accounts. Whether you prefer to bank on your PC, on your mobile phone or by calling us.
  • Additional extras
    Can you get a chequebook or go paperless?

Current Account Switch Service

Switching your current account to Nationwide takes just 7 working days. It's a free service, all you need to do is pick the date.

Protecting your money

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (opens in a new window) (FSCS) is a free, independent service that protects up to £85,000 of your eligible money at Nationwide.

Nationwide adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice, which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: (opens in a new window).