ISA transfers explained

People often switch ISA managers. Some do it because they’re looking for a better interest rate. Others do it to bring their accounts under one roof, with one manager.

However, keep in mind that not all ISAs accept transfers in.

These are the main government rules on transferring a cash ISA.

You can only have one 'active' cash ISA every year

You can only have one 'active' cash ISA every year. This means, for example, that you can't open multiple cash ISAs in a single tax year, and benefit from the tax-free savings allowance in each of these cash ISAs.

As the Nationwide cash ISA is a portfolio ISA you can hold more than one Nationwide cash ISA product within your portfolio. You can then split your allowance between the products.

You can't, however, split your allowance between different ISA managers.

Always follow the correct process

We’ll tell you how to do this when you apply. Don’t just withdraw your money from an ISA if you want to transfer it. If you do this, your money will lose its tax-free status.

Transfers don't affect allowance

If you’re transferring from one ISA manager to another during a tax year, it won’t affect your annual ISA allowance. Just be sure to follow the correct transfer process.

Before deciding to transfer

Check that:

  • the new ISA you want to open accepts transfers in
  • there’s no charge if you transfer your current ISA – for example, if it’s a fixed-term ISA that charges for moving the money or for switching managers
  • you are allowed to transfer money from all of your existing ISAs, or if you’re limited to only moving money in your current ‘active’ ISA

Check the terms and conditions for your account

Transfer a cash ISA to Nationwide

If you're already a Nationwide member and don't have cash ISA with us, you can open one while making the transfer. If you're not a member, you'll need to open a Nationwide cash ISA before making the transfer. See our cash ISAs.

If you already have a Nationwide cash ISA

You can make the transfer in your nearest branch. You can transfer all or some of the money from your cash ISA. You can also choose to close the account you're transferring from - and make sure any unpaid interest is also transferred to your Nationwide cash ISA.


You cannot transfer your cash ISA into a Fixed Term ISA Maturity account you have with Nationwide.

What you need for the transfer

To transfer your cash ISA to us, you’ll need:

  • your Nationwide cash ISA account number
  • your National Insurance number
  • the account details of the cash ISA you're transferring to us.

How long does a transfer to Nationwide take?

It will take up to 15 working days for us to complete the transfer of your cash ISA once we've got your request. It may take longer if your ISA funds are subject to a notice period.

Transferring between your Nationwide cash ISA accounts

If you have more than one cash ISA with us, and need to transfer funds between them, more information can be found on How to manage your cash ISA.

Transfer your Nationwide ISA to a new manager

You’ll need to speak to your new manager, who will be able to arrange the transfer for you.

If they ask for your Nationwide ISA details, use these:

  • Account number: 33333334
  • Sort code: 070093
  • Your roll/reference number

Your roll/reference number looks like this: 1234/123456789. You can find it:

  • printed on the inside cover of your passbook
  • when you log in to the Internet Bank
  • or for Fixed Rate ISAs, on the front of the certificate you received when you opened your account.

How long does the transfer to a new manager take?

We'll complete your transfer to another ISA manager within 5 working days of receiving your request.

If you have less than £100,000 in your Nationwide ISA, we'll transfer your money electronically. We'll do this through the Faster Payments service once we've closed your account. Your new manager will receive your money by the end of the next working day.

If you have £100,000 or more in your Nationwide ISA, we'll transfer your money by cheque. We'll post the cheque to your new manager once we've closed your account. They'll backdate the cheque so you don't lose out on any interest.

Transferring an ‘active’ cash ISA

You can transfer an active cash ISA to a new manager. If you transfer your current-year ISA, we will tell your new ISA manager how much more you can pay in during the tax year.

Transfer a matured Child Trust Fund to Nationwide​

If you hold a matured Child Trust Fund with another provider, you can transfer it to a Nationwide cash ISA and keep the tax-free status on your savings.

To transfer a matured Child Trust Fund to a Nationwide cash ISA, you’ll need to follow the ISA transfer process. This applies even if the matured Child Trust Fund is not an ISA.

Already have a Nationwide cash ISA?​

If your Nationwide cash ISA product accepts transfers in, you can transfer in your matured Child Trust Fund by visiting your nearest branch.


You cannot transfer your matured Child Trust Fund into a Fixed Term ISA Maturity account you have with Nationwide.

Want to open a Nationwide cash ISA?

If you'd like to transfer into a new cash ISA product, you can apply to open one online.

Browse our cash ISA products and apply

Withdrawing money while transferring

We don't recommend that you do this, otherwise your money will lose its tax-free status. Make sure you transfer properly through your new ISA manager instead.

ISA flexibility and transfers

Transferring an ISA to Nationwide

If you transfer your current-year ISA to us, your current ISA manager will tell us how much more you can deposit within the tax year.

Transferring to a manager who doesn’t offer ISA flexibility

You won’t be able to pay back any money that you withdraw after the transfer without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance.

More on ISA flexibility

ISA managers that let you transfer online

When you apply for a Nationwide cash ISA, you may have the option to transfer in a cash ISA you have with another manager.

You can only transfer when you apply online if your current ISA manager is listed here. Keep in mind, this list could change at any time.

Adam & Co Investment Management Ltd
Aldermore plc
Bank of Scotland
Barclays Bank
Birmingham Midshires plc
Brent Shrine Credit Union Ltd (My Community Bank)
Charter Savings Bank
Chelsea Building Society
Cheltenham & Gloucester
Chorley & District Building Society
Clydesdale Bank
Co-Operative Bank plc (and trading as Smile)
Coventry Building Society
Cumberland Building Society
Cynergy Bank (formerly Bank of Cyprus)
Danske Bank (Northern Bank Limited)
Darlington Building Society
Family Equity Plan Ltd
First Direct
First Trust Bank
Ford Money
Furness Building Society
Gatehouse Bank PLC
Halifax plc
Hampshire Trust PLC
HSBC Bank plc
Intelligent Finance
Kent Reliance
Leeds Building Society
Lloyds Bank plc
M&S Bank
Market Harborough Building Society
National Westminster Bank plc
Newcastle Building Society
Nottingham Building Society
OakNorth Bank Ltd
OneFamily (Post Office and AA online)
Paragon Bank Limited
Progressive Building Society
Royal Bank Of Scotland plc
Sainsbury's Bank
Santander UK plc
Scottish Widows Bank plc
Secure Trust Bank plc
Shawbrook Bank Ltd
Skipton Building Society
St. James's Place Bank
State Bank of India
Swansea Building Society
Tesco Personal Financial plc
TSB Bank plc
Ulster Bank Ltd
United Trust Bank Ltd
Virgin Money PLC (formerly Northern Rock)
West Bromwich Building Society
West Bromwich Building Society Websave
Yorkshire Bank
Yorkshire Building Society

Close a Nationwide cash ISA account

If you're looking to close your ISA early, you may be charged a fee. Check the terms and conditions for your account to find out.

How you close and move money from your ISA can depend on a number of things, including:

  • the type of ISA you have
  • if you're closing your ISA early or it's about to mature
  • the account you want to move your money to.

Find out how to close your ISA.