What are your maturity options?

You’ll have a few options when your fixed rate ISA matures, including:

  • reinvesting in a new Fixed Rate ISA
  • closing your ISA, or
  • transferring your money to another ISA manager.

If you don't tell us your decision, your fixed rate ISA will mature into an instant access Fixed Term ISA Maturity account. You can find details of this account in your maturity pack.

You could receive a higher rate by reinvesting in a new ISA.

Option 1: Reinvesting in a new Fixed Rate ISA

You can choose to reinvest your money into a new Fixed Rate ISA with us.

When you apply, you can choose to withdraw some of your money or top up your balance.

Our Fixed Rate ISA interest rates

As part of our Savings Promises, if you tell us before your maturity date that you want to take out another Fixed Rate ISA and our interest rate changes, we'll give you the better rate.

Option 2: Closing your fixed rate ISA

You can also choose to close your fixed rate ISA and withdraw your money.

You can ask to withdraw your money by:

  • cheque, or
  • transferring it to your Nationwide current or savings account, as long as it accepts incoming payments.

To receive your money by cheque, you'll need to send us your maturity instruction form in the post. Or go into your local branch.

Option 3: Transfer your money to another ISA manager

You'll need to contact your new ISA manager to switch your ISA. They'll have to arrange a transfer for you.

Don’t just withdraw your money from your ISA if you want to transfer it. Your money will lose its tax-free status if you do.

Receiving your maturity pack

We’ll post you a maturity pack about 3 weeks before your maturity date. In this pack, you’ll find:

  • the maturity date of your ISA
  • the expected maturity value
  • your maturity instruction options
  • a maturity form to submit your instructions to us.

If your fixed rate ISA has matured

Your fixed rate ISA will have matured into an instant access Fixed Term ISA Maturity account.

You can still reinvest into a new Fixed Rate ISA after your account has matured. You'll only be able to reinvest online in the 30 days after your maturity date. Follow the instructions on this page to do so. Once 30 days have passed, you’ll need to send us your maturity form in the post if you want to reinvest into a new Fixed Rate ISA.

Or you can choose to close your account and withdraw your money.

Choosing your maturity option

There are a few ways you can let us know what you decide.

How would you prefer to tell us your decision?

Choose the option that suits you then follow the instructions.