If you don't use any of your ISA allowance in your Nationwide cash ISA for an entire tax year (between 6 April and 5 April), the next time you try to pay into your ISA, you'll need to complete an ISA renewal form.

You won't be able to pay into your ISA online or in branch until you renew it. Any transfer from another Nationwide account won't go through. Any money paid from a non-Nationwide account will be sent back to that account.


As the Nationwide cash ISA is a portfolio ISA, you might have more than one cash ISA product within your portfolio. You only need to use some of your allowance in one product to keep the whole portfolio ‘active’. If you do this, you won't need to complete a renewal form for the other products in your portfolio.

How to renew your ISA

You can renew your ISA by filling out our ISA renewal form. You only need to complete one renewal form, even if you have more than one ISA with us.

On the Internet Bank

To complete your ISA renewal:

  1. Log into the Internet Bank (opens in a new window)
  2. Choose the ISA you want to pay in to
  3. Select Other account services from the View accounts menu
  4. Select Renew ISA from the Account services menu
  5. Complete and submit the form

If you need a bit of help, take a look at our quick demo on renewing your ISA (opens in a new window).

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Over the phone

Give us a call and we’ll arrange for an ISA renewal form to be posted to you.

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
Saturday 9am to 2pm.
Closed Sundays and bank holidays.

In branch

You can pick up an ISA renewal form at your local branch.

How your ISA allowance affects your renewal

Each tax year the Government limits how much you can save tax-free in an ISA. This is called your ISA allowance. The limit for 2024/25 is £20,000.

Since 2016, cash ISAs can be ‘flexible’. This means replacing any money you've taken out within the tax year won't affect your ISA allowance. So you could find that you've paid into and taken money out of your cash ISA, but not used any of this tax year's allowance.

When this happens, the next time you try to add funds, you'll need to fill out an ISA renewal form.

Here's an example

You open a cash ISA at the start of a tax year and make a deposit in your account. This uses up some of your ISA allowance for that tax year. At the start of the following tax year, your ISA allowance resets.

You then take out £100 from your ISA. Later in the same tax year, you pay £100 back in.

You've been active in your account. But what you've taken out and then paid back in takes you back to your balance at the start of the tax year. So you haven't used any of your ISA allowance for that year.

If the tax year ends and you haven't paid in any more money, we'll ask you to renew your ISA the next time you try to pay in. You can do this by filling out our ISA renewal form.