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The Nationwide FlexDirect account

The FlexDirect account could be right for you if you're after an account that pays you interest when you have money in your account and you prefer to do your banking online or through our automated telephone system. It also has a really simple set of overdraft fees. To benefit from in-credit interest, you'll need to pay in a minimum of £1,000 per calendar month (excluding transfers from any Nationwide account held by you or anyone else). 

FlexDirect is based on a simple self-service concept - we’ll automatically register you for our online banking services for you to manage your account.  If you ever have a transaction that can't be completed via our self-service options then our branches and UK call centres will be here for you.

A FlexDirect account entitles you to apply for our Flex Regular Online Saver - save up to £250 a month at 5% AER/gross p.a. (variable) for 12 months. Conditions apply.

Here's what you get with FlexDirect

In-credit interest

5% AER (4.89% gross p.a.) in-credit interest on balances up to £2,500 (fixed for the first 12 months).

Fee free arranged overdraft for 12 months

No fees on arranged overdrafts for the first 12 months (Overdrafts are only available to those aged 18 or over and are subject to approval).

No monthly account fee for maintaining the account

That's right, no monthly fee just for keeping your account with us!

FlexDirect also comes with...

*You're only entitled to one introductory rate at any one time, even if you open more than one FlexDirect account, unless an additional joint account is held. If you previously held a FlexDirect account and benefitted from the introductory interest rate on that account you're not entitled to the introductory rate again.

** Available on selected Apple devices only and compatible Android devices using Android 4.4 and higher. Apple and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

Samsung and Samsung Pay are trade marks or registered trade marks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in accordance with the law. Samsung Pay is available on select Samsung devices.

^To receive these rates you must pay in to your FlexDirect account at least £1,000 a month. Money paid in from other Nationwide accounts held by you or anyone else or visa credits (for example, refunds you receive back into your account) won’t count towards the £1,000. Interest is calculated on the last day of each month and is paid on the first day of the next month. We pay interest without tax deducted. If the account balance that we calculated interest on changes, then we may need to debit your account with an interest adjustment. If you have previously held a FlexDirect account and benefitted from the 5% AER introductory rate, you will not be entitled to this rate again and the 1% AER rate will apply, unless you are opening a FlexDirect account in joint names and you haven’t previously held a FlexDirect account in those joint names. This introductory offer can be withdrawn at any time. This will not affect customers who are already benefiting from the offer.

Nationwide adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk

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  • Fast – switch in just 7 working days. You choose the date, and we’ll let you know when it’s done.

  • Seamless – a dedicated team does it all for you. They’ll switch your payments, balance and even your list of payees.

  • Guaranteed - there shouldn't be any problems but if there are, you won't lose a penny.

Apply online and choose to switch in the application form.

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About FlexDirect

Overdrafts are only available to those aged 18 or over and are subject to approval.

You need to be 18 or over to apply for a FlexDirect account.

How we pay interest

On the last day of each month we calculate the interest you've earned each day of that month and then pay you this interest on the 1st day of the next month. We pay interest without tax deducted. Find out more about the changes to the Personal Savings Allowance.

What does AER and gross p.a. mean?

AER stands for 'annual equivalent rate' and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest were paid and compounded each year.

Gross p.a. is the interest rate without tax deducted.

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