Why switch to Nationwide?

It’s fast, seamless and guaranteed. You can switch in just 7 working days, and our dedicated team will move over your payments, balance and even your payees. It’s also covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee, so you won’t lose a penny if anything goes wrong.

  • Member-only products

    There’s a range of products we keep just for our members – credit cards, loans, financial planning and investments.

  • Have your say

    Our members decide how we’re run, for example through our Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and regular talkbacks.

  • Branch commitment

    We’re investing in our branches because we support our communities and their high streets. And for the times when you might want to talk to someone face-to-face.

  • Banking app

    Safe, secure and full of useful features. Bank how you want, when you want.

  • Help build your local community

    Join one of our Community Boards and decide which housing projects in your area should get up to £50,000.

Switch your current account to us and you could get £100

If you’re already a member, you’ll get a little more

This online-only offer is available for a limited time. Terms and conditions apply.

Find out how to get our switch offer

Ways you can switch to us

When you switch using the Current Account Switch Service, a dedicated team will transfer your payments and details to your new account. It’s a free service. All you need to do is pick the date.

You can use both your old and your new account while the transfer takes place, until the switch is finished. Once it’s done, we’ll even close your old account for you. If you don’t want to close your old account, you can still complete a partial switch.

You'll need to check if your existing bank or building society is signed up to the Current Account Switch Service by checking the list of participating banks and building societies (opens in a new window). If they're not signed up, you’ll need to carry out a manual switch.


Consider bank holidays and time away when choosing your switch date. Your old card will stop working on your switch date, so you’ll want to have your new card by then. It usually takes 3 to 5 working days to receive your new Visa Debit card.

What happens after you do a full switch

This is the most popular option. Once the switch is done, we’ll close your old account for you and your old debit card will stop working.

If you give us your contact details, we'll send you updates on the progress of your account switch.

Don’t worry about missing payments or forgetting to give everyone your new account details right away. A redirect will catch any payments to your old account and send them to your new account. We’ll also contact the sender of any payments and give them your new account details. If you don’t want us to do this, just let us know.

What is included in a full switch:

  • Your account balance.

  • Closing your old account once the switch is complete.

  • Your list of payees (everyone you’ve sent payments to), so you won’t need to ask for their details again.

  • Any new payments you've set up a week or more before your switch date. Once you're within 7 days of your switch date, it's best to set them up on your new account.

  • Regular income like your salary, pension or benefits payments.

  • Regular outgoings such as utility bills.

What is not included in a full switch:

  • Mobile payments like Apple Pay and PayM. You’ll need to set these up again using your new debit card.

  • Regular bills and subscriptions you pay with your debit card, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. (You’ll need to give them your new debit card number.)

  • Your transaction history. It’s best to request or download copies from your old provider.

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

What happens to your overdraft

Bank accounts that have an arranged overdraft can be switched using the Current Account Switch Service.

You can also request a new arranged overdraft with us, and we’ll review your circumstances to see what we can offer. We cannot guarantee you’ll get the same overdraft as with your old provider. Remember, you’ll need to be 18 or over and a UK resident to apply for an arranged overdraft.

If you apply for an arranged overdraft when you switch, we’ll look at your circumstances to see if we can offer you one.

What you’ll need to do a full switch

To use the Current Account Switch Service, you'll need:

  • the name of your bank or building society

  • your account number and sort code

  • the long number from your debit card

  • to open your new account in the same name and address as your old account, both for sole and joint accounts

  • to read our Current Account Switch Service guide.

Backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee

The whole process is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. In the unlikely event that something is missed, you won’t be out of pocket. Any fees or charges will be covered. Your credit rating will be protected, too.

How to get our switch offer

Whether you’re a member already or thinking about joining Nationwide, you could get our switch offer.

This offer will be paid once per account. You need to switch from another bank or building society. And it's only available for a limited time. Make sure you read the full terms and conditions of this offer.

Please answer some questions to find out what you need to do

Do you want to switch to a sole or joint account?

If you want to switch away from Nationwide

Your new provider should be able to walk you through how to switch to them. Then they’ll get in touch with us to move everything over. We’ll be sorry to see you go!

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