Why move your bank account to Nationwide?

  1. Sharing our profits with members

    We've launched the Nationwide Fairer Share as part of our ongoing commitment to rewarding our members.

  2. Member-only products

    We have a range of products we keep just for our members. They include savings accounts, credit cards and loans.

  3. Switching to a new mortgage deal

    Existing mortgage members can switch to a new mortgage deal with rates as good as, or better than, those available to new customers remortgaging to us.

  4. Our Savings Promises

    We have 7 promises to make things fairer for our members. We promise we won't offer 'brand new customer only' savings accounts.

  5. Have your say

    Our members decide how we’re run, through our Annual General Meetings (AGM) and regular talkbacks.

  6. Branch commitment

    We’re investing in our branches. Because we're committed to supporting communities. And understand the importance of talking face-to-face.

Backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee

Switching your bank account is designed to be simple, reliable and stress-free. You can switch in just 7 working days, and our dedicated team will move over your payments, balance and even your payees.

The whole process is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee - PDF 358KB (opens in a new window). So, in the unlikely event that something is missed, you won't be out of pocket. Any fees or charges will be covered. And your credit rating will be protected too.

How to switch bank accounts to Nationwide

  1. Apply to switch your bank account

    When you apply for a bank account, we’ll ask if you want to switch your existing bank account to us. Let us know your existing bank account details and when you want to switch, and we’ll start the process.

  2. During days 1 to 6 of your switch

    Keep using your old bank account and card. We’ll request all your payment arrangements from your old building society or bank, including your Direct Debits and standing orders, to switch to your new account. You don’t need to do anything.

  3. Complete your switch on day 7

    Your switch completes. We’ll have moved all your Direct Debits, standing orders and remaining money from your old bank account to your new bank account. Your old provider will cancel your card and close your old bank account. It’s time to use your new Nationwide card.

  4. After your switch completes

    We’ll redirect payments from your old account. This means any payments still going to your old account, like your salary or pension, will be redirected to your new account. And we’ll tell the organisation making the payments about your new account details. You should also let them know your new account details.

What's included when moving your bank account to Nationwide

You can find out what is and isn't included in a full switch here. But there are other ways you can switch to Nationwide, like partial and manual switches.

What is included in a full switch:

  • Your account balance.

  • Closing your old account once the switch is complete. This means your old debit card will stop working.

  • Your list of payees (everyone you’ve sent payments to), so you won’t need to ask for their details again.

  • Any new payments you've set up a week or more before your switch date. Once you're within 7 days of your switch date, it's best to set them up on your new account.

  • Regular income like your salary, pension or benefits payments.

  • Regular outgoings such as utility bills.

  • A safety redirect to catch payments sent to your old account in case someone doesn’t use your new account details. We can also contact the sender and give them your new account details. If you don’t want us to do this, just let us know.

  • Updates on the progress of your account switch if you give us your contact details when you apply.

What is not included in a full switch:

  • Regular bills and subscriptions you pay with your debit card, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. (You’ll need to give them your new debit card number.)

  • Any arranged overdraft you have. You can apply for an arranged overdraft with us when you switch, and we’ll look at your circumstances to see if we can offer you one. We cannot guarantee you’ll get the same arranged overdraft as with your old provider.

  • Mobile payments like Apple Pay. You’ll need to set these up again using your new debit card.

  • Your transaction history. It’s best to request or download copies from your old provider.

  • Sweeping payment arrangements. These are services set up with third party providers to make payments for you. These are different to Direct Debits.

  • Access to your financial data. If you've allowed third party providers to access your financial data, you'll need to set these up again after you switch.

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

Nationwide adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice, which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk (opens in a new window).