What’s shown on your statement

Your statement will show you:

  • your account balance – the funds that are in your account
  • transactions made during the statement period
  • arranged overdraft limit
  • sort code and account number
  • IBAN, BIC and SWIFT numbers
  • Notice of Charges – this will appear at the end of your statement if you've incurred any fees or charges associated with arranged overdraft borrowing.

Getting your statement

By post

We’ll send you your statement in the post each month, unless you tell us otherwise.

We can send you a copy of your statement in the post, and you'll get it in 3 to 5 working days. To request a copy, you can:


If you choose to go paperless, we’ll send you an email to let you know when your online statement is ready to view.

In the Internet Bank

When you log in to the Internet Bank, you can view transactions for the past 15 months, and can view and download 36 months worth of PDF statements.

Using our Banking app

To view your balance and transactions for the past 15 months, log in to the Banking app.

From a cash machine

A cash machine mini statement shows your balance and the last 10 transactions you've made.

Using Telephone banking

We'll send you a mini statement of your balance and the last 6 transactions.

If you find a payment you don't recognise

If you spot a payment you don’t recognise or suspect fraud, you should contact us.

What to do in case of unknown transactions on your account