Get £200 when you switch to FlexDirect

To get our bank account switch offer:

  • switch to us online

  • switch a non-Nationwide account to a FlexDirect

  • close your non-Nationwide account during your switch. In your online application, when you're asked Do you want us to close your old account?, select Yes

  • complete your switch within 60 days

  • this must be the first time you've got one of our switch offers on a sole or joint account since 18 August 2021

  • make sure your non-Nationwide account has 2 or more active Direct Debits

What are Direct Debits?

Direct Debits are regular payments that you set up with a company. They allow a company to take a payment from your account on a set date. Most household bills, such as energy, water, broadband and Council Tax, are paid by Direct Debit. Direct Debits are different to standing orders and recurring card payments, like a Netflix or Spotify subscription. Check your bank account has at least 2 Direct Debits before you apply to switch to us.

Once we've opened your new account, we'll complete your switch in 7 working days. If you're switching to a current account you already have with us, we'll complete your switch in 7 working days from when you ask to switch.

Your £200 will arrive within 10 calendar days of your switch completing.

You cannot be subject to any of the exclusions in the terms and conditions. We may change, replace or withdraw this offer at any time.