Which card suits you best?

Our FlexOne current account for teenagers and young people lets you choose from either a cash card or a Visa debit card.

You can change the type of card you have at any point up until you’re 17 and a half. To do this, pop into a branch, call us, or do it online through our Internet Bank. It’ll take up to 10 working days for your new card to arrive.

Once you’re 18, we’ll automatically switch you to a Visa debit card if you don’t already have one.

'The different features of a FlexOne cash card and a FlexOne Visa debit card.
Feature FlexOne cash card FlexOne Visa debit card
Can be used at cash machines?
Yes Yes
Maximum amount of money that can be taken out from cash machines in one day £300 £300
Lets you pay for things in shops? No Yes
Lets you buy things online? No Yes
Lets you buy things over the phone? No Yes
Lets you make Contactless* payments?Contactless Payments No Yes
Any Nationwide fees or charges?** No No
Lets you make payments with Apple PayGoogle Pay™ or Samsung Pay. No Yes

*Contactless allows a quicker way to pay for items up to a maximum of £45 when you're in shops with a contactless card machine.
**We won't charge you for using your account. Some other providers may charge you for using their cash machines. Make sure you check.
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