Published on: 8 November 2021

Keeping you safe from scammers

Too many of our members get scammed and are persuaded or hoaxed by criminals into parting with their money. 

Yet we know from experience that our colleagues in branches have often been able to recognise scams and have been able to help prevent our members from falling victim. Because we’re a mutual, we believe we should support each other in these moments. The human touch – a calm, expert voice at the end of a phone or in our branch – can make all the difference.

Our ‘Scam Checker Service’

So, we’ve decided to offer a new Scam Checker Service that gives our members access to a hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and support in branch if they need it. If you have any concerns about a payment from your Nationwide current account, you can call us any time or come into your local branch before you make the payment. We'll ask you about it, check the details and tell you if we're worried it’s a scam.

Unless we tell you not to make the payment, we’ll give you back every penny if it later turns out to be a scam.

This is our Scam Protection Promise. It’s completely free, and it’s our way of supporting you at a time it’s really needed. Conditions apply, see below for more information.

How to contact us

Over the phone

Call us any time.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

0800 030 40 57

In branch

Come into your local branch. One of our team members will be happy to help.

Which payments from your current account are covered?

Our Scam Protection Promise applies to every payment you can make to someone else in the Banking app. It also applies to certain payments you can make in the Internet Bank, in branch and through Open Banking. You just need to talk to us before making the payment.

The payments covered by our Scam Protection Promise are:

  • Faster Payments

  • CHAPS payments

  • electronic payments between Nationwide accounts.

The Promise does not cover:

  • cash withdrawals

  • cheques

  • card payments

  • overseas payments through SWIFT and SEPA.

Looking out for each other and doing the right thing

As a mutual, we want our members to be able to bank with us safely and confidently. Because we know that it’s not just the financial hit. Scams can cause untold anxiety and stress and rob victims of their confidence, too. 

That’s why we’ve launched this service – so all of us who bank with the Society have someone to turn to if we’re not sure about a payment.

The new service will work alongside existing fraud and scam prevention systems.

Learn how to spot a scam

Learn more about scams and how to keep your money safe from criminals. By being aware and staying vigilant, we can stop fraud.

Take Five to Stop Fraud

Nationwide supports the industry fraud awareness campaign, Take Five. It offers straightforward and impartial advice to help everyone in the UK protect themselves against financial fraud.

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