Business equipment

If you're using business equipment owned by your employer, for example a laptop, it’s their responsibility to insure it. You don’t need to add it to your policy.

Their equipment is not covered under our Home Insurance policy, unless you're responsible for any damage to the equipment under the terms of your employment.

If the business equipment is owned by you, it will be covered under your Contents Insurance. Please check your policy documents for details and limitations.

Leaving your home empty

Usually our policy will cover your unoccupied home for 60 days before restrictions apply.

If you do need to leave your home unoccupied, we have some tips on how to protect it:

  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home.

  • Make sure your windows and doors are locked, remove the keys and set your alarm, if you have one.

  • Switch off and unplug electrical items.

  • Turn your gas and water off at the mains unless they are being used for an automatically controlled heating system.

Adding a high value item to your policy

To add a high value item to your policy please call us to update your policy.

Making a claim

Please call us for urgent claims.

You can also make a claim online (link opens in a new window)

Getting in touch


Go to our Contact us page, where you can start a live chat or find our phone number if you need to speak to us.

Home Insurance policy terms and conditions

For full details about what’s covered, please see the policy terms and conditions.