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Choose the cover you need

We're working with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd to bring you Home Insurance. So, together we're here for you when you need us.

You can choose the level of cover you want:

  • Contents up to £50,000, or
  • Contents over £50,000.

Here is a quick comparison of both levels of cover.

To apply for Home Insurance

You need to be at least 18 years old.

Types of Content insurance cover and cover limits
Types of cover Contents up to £50,000 Contents over £50,000
Contents cover
We’ll repair or replace all your contents.
£50,000 Unlimited
Total valuables in your home
Cover for your watches, jewellery and items of gold, silver or platinum. We’ll ask you to tell us about individual items worth over £2,000.
£15,000 £30,000
Alternative accommodation
If damage to your contents makes your home unfit to live in, we’ll pay to find you somewhere else to live temporarily and store your contents.
£15,000 £30,000
Theft from outbuildings
For items stolen from your locked outbuilding or detached garage.
£2,500 £5,000
Family and student cover
To cover the contents your family or dependants take with them if studying or staying in hospital, anywhere within the British Isles.
Student - £5,000
Dependant relative - £5,000
Student - £10,000
Dependant relative - £5,000
Personal Liability
If someone else gets injured or their belongings get damaged, and you’re held legally responsible.
£2,000,000 £5,000,000
Temporary removal
Cover for contents you’ve taken with you while living within the British Isles temporarily, like working away from home.
£5,000 £10,000
Household removal
Cover for damage to your contents when you move, including damage caused by a professional removal firm.
£50,000 Unlimited
Fridge and freezer food
Cost of replacing food spoiled because the temperature of your fridge or freezer changed accidentally.
£750 £1,000
Money in your home
To replace money lost or damaged in your home.
£750 £1,000
Lost or stolen house keys
Replacing the locks on the external doors of your home, garage or outbuildings.
£750 £1,000
Loss of oil or water
Accidental loss of oil or metered water.
£1,000 £1,000

Some of the things you won’t be covered for include:

  • Normal use or ageing
  • Damage due to lack of maintenance


For cover limits and exclusions, including optional extras, see our Home Insurance policy - PDF, 6.8MB (opens in a new window). You’ll need to pay an excess when you claim.

For a simple summary of the policy, read the Home Insurance Product Information Document - PDF, 74KB (opens in a new window)

Contents insurance for renters

If you’re renting your home, with contents insurance you can choose a level of cover that suits you, flexible add-ons, and cancel and change your policy with no charge.

Find out more about contents insurance for renters

Add the optional extras you need

You can choose to add any of the following cover for an extra cost:

Accidental Damage Cover

Get cover to financially protect the contents in your home against accidental damage.

This includes spilling wine on a carpet or a pet knocking over your television.

You’ll get cover up to the limits shown on your Policy Schedule.


You won't get cover for damage caused by normal use or ageing or lack of maintenance.

Matching Items Cover

If we can't repair or replace a damaged item from a set, we'll pay to replace the entire set it belongs to.

For example, if we can’t repair or replace an armchair that belongs to a three-piece suite, we’ll replace the whole set.

You’ll get cover up to the limits shown on your Policy Schedule.


You won't get cover for:
  • damage caused by normal use or ageing or lack of maintenance
  • replacing all undamaged items if the cost to repair or replace the damaged items is below the policy excess.

Garden Cover

You get up to £750 contents in the open cover as standard, but you can add a further £5,000 for loss or damage to your contents in the garden.

This then includes trees, shrubs, plants, lawns and tools.

Garden cover means we’ll pay to replace or repair your garden and its contents, including re-landscaping design fees.


You won't get cover:
  • for damage caused by falling trees or branches
  • if you leave your home unoccupied for more than 60 days.

Out & About Cover

Get cover for your personal possessions, like your watch, phone or camera, anywhere within the British Isles and for up to 90 days worldwide.

We'll ask you to tell us about individual items worth more than £2,000. You also get the option to add £2,500 to £15,000 of cover for everyday items you take away from the home.

We’ll pay:

  • up to £2,000 for items stolen from an unattended car
  • up to £500 for money outside the home.


You won't get cover for:

  • garden equipment and furniture left in your garden
  • bicycles taken away from home.

Bicycle Cover

Get cover for your bicycles anywhere within the British Isles, and for up to 90 days around the world. This includes electric bicycles, tricycles, unicycles and cycling accessories.

We'll pay up to £1,000 for each bicycle you take away from home, including hired bicycles if you're responsible for them.

You'll need to tell us about any bicycle worth more than £1,000.


You won't get cover if your bicycle gets stolen when left unattended and unlocked.

Home Emergency Cover

Get support to make your home safe and secure if an emergency occurs.

We use a company called CET, who will send out a recommended tradesperson who will make emergency repairs to your home up to £500. They'll come out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We’ll pay up to £500 for Home Emergency claims.


You won't get cover for:
  • power cuts caused by your electric or gas supply getting cut off
  • power cuts caused by industrial action or strikes.

Legal Cover

Get legal expenses covered up to £50,000 for things like injury, an employment issue or boundary dispute.

Legal Cover is provided by Arc Legal Assistance and administered by Lyons Davidson.

We’ll pay up to £50,000 for Legal Cover claims.


You won't get cover if you don’t have a realistic chance of winning the case.

Choose your Contents Insurance excess

Choose an excess from £50 to £500, in increments of £50. This is what you’ll pay if you need to make a claim.

For claims relating to escape of water (like water leaking from your washing machine) the excess is either; £350, or your chosen excess if that's more.


You don't pay an excess if you claim on Home Emergency Cover.