Whether this is your first bank account or you’re thinking about switching to us, we'll run through how to open a bank account with us online.

A Nationwide current account is much more than a bank account

At Nationwide, we offer a range of current accounts. These are usually what people are looking for when they’re after a bank account.

When you open a current account with us, it’s not like opening one with any old bank.

We’re a building society and we’re a mutual. But what does that really mean?

It means we’re owned by our members. So, when you open a Nationwide current account – whichever one you go for – you become one of our members.  

There’s a lot that comes with being a member. There are perks like our member-only products. Or being able to take part in our Member Prize Draw where you could win a share of £1 million every month up to August 2022 (automatic entry for eligible members aged 18 and over, living in England, Scotland and Wales.  Prize draw rules apply).

There’s also the knowledge that you’re not just taking care of your money. You’re helping to build a better society too.

Who can have a bank account

We have current accounts designed for adults and children.

Each current account we offer has its own page where you can find out whether you can have that account. For example, you may need to be 18 or over for some current accounts.

Please make sure you qualify for the current account you want before applying. We’d hate for you to be disappointed. We'll remind you of what you'll need throughout the application process.

How to choose the right bank account for you

We’ve designed our accounts to help our members do what they need to do. So, when you’re thinking about which current account to open, consider what you want to get out of it. Why are you opening a Nationwide current account?

Maybe you’re looking to gain some interest, enjoy the peace of mind of travel insurance or set up an account for your child to help them take their first steps into banking. Whatever you need, take the time to have a look through our bank accounts to find the right account for you.

Please remember that some accounts have a cost for maintaining them or require you to pay in a certain amount of money each month to make the most of them.

We’d recommend starting with our handy tool for comparing our adult current accounts.

Open a joint bank account online

You can share most of our current accounts with another person.

This means you can both spend the money in the account using different cards. You’ll also share responsibility for any arranged overdrafts and be able to pay your bills from one place. Both your names will be on the account. And you both get to become members of Nationwide.

You can add someone to your current account either when applying for it or at any time after it’s open.

How to change your bank account online after it’s open

Opening a bank account can feel like a big commitment. But don’t worry, you’re never locked in.

You can always change your current account from one type to another or switch away from Nationwide to another building society or a bank. You’re in control.

You might open one account, like a FlexDirect, and later decide a FlexPlus might be useful for an upcoming holiday. You just need to apply for a FlexPlus and let us know you already have a FlexDirect. We’ll do all the work. Just remember, you’ll lose the benefits of your old account.

You might open a bank account with us and another provider at the same time. If you later decide to switch to us instead, it’s really easy to do.

How to apply for a bank account online

You can apply online for each of our current accounts on their pages on our website. Just hit the big Apply button.

You can also apply through the Internet Bank. Once you’ve registered for online banking, press the Log in button at the top of the page to begin looking through our range of accounts. Or you can apply through our Banking app.

If you’d prefer to apply over the phone, our UK-based team will be happy to help you. You can find their number after you press the Apply button on the current account’s page.

Ready to open your bank account?

The Current Account Switch Guarantee

The whole Current Account Switch Service process is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. In the unlikely event that something is missed, you won’t be out of pocket. Any fees or charges will be covered. Your credit rating will be protected, too.