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Bank how you want, where you want with our Banking app and Internet Bank. They both use the same level of sophisticated encryption technology to keep your information safe and secure.

Once you're set up for one, you're all set to use the other too.

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Get started with the Banking app

  • For your phone or tablet (Apple or Android)
  • Log in with your fingerprint or using Face ID (on compatible devices)
  • Extra app-only features to help you log in quicker and save money
  • Can also be used on your smart watch

Download the app and open it to start your set up

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Get started with the Internet Bank

  • Best on your desktop or laptop
  • Log in with your details or a card reader
  • Set up CHAPS and international payments
  • Send secure messages to us

Start by completing online registration

What happens next?

Whether you choose to start with the app or the Internet Bank:

  1. You'll be asked for some details about you and your account (you'll need your account number, and sort code if you have one)
  2. We'll send a code to your mobile or email which you'll need to enter to complete your set up
  3. You'll get instant access to both the Banking app and Internet Bank, and all your accounts. If you're registering for the first time it may take 24 hours for your current account to appear.


If you opened your account online, you’ll automatically be registered and your login details will be sent to you in the post (this usually takes around 7 working days).

Yes, they both use sophisticated encryption technology to protect your information and your money.

In fact, the only way for anyone to access your accounts online is in the same way you would - with your card reader codes or secure details (you decide what these are when you set up online banking). That's why fraudsters use phishing techniques to try to get you to part with them.

It's so important to keep anything you might use to access online banking safe - from the one-time code you use to set it up, to your secure details, debit cards and card reader codes. No matter how convincing the call or email - never give these details away. If in doubt, don't click on the email and hang up the call. You can always call us back using the number you know is safe.

With the Banking app you can also log in with Touch or Face ID if your device has that capability. That means you can access your accounts with your fingertip (or a selfie in the case of Face ID). Though this makes it very easy for you to enter the app, you're essentially logging in with your genes - they're unique to you and almost impossible to copy, making it a very secure way to log in.

Find out how to protect yourself from phishing

You'll both need your own log in, so you'll need to set up your online banking individually.

All you need to do is download the Banking app on your phone and make sure your smartwatch is paired with it.

Find out more about the app on a smartwatch

You can find out more about our Banking app and Internet Bank on these pages.

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To use our Banking app your device must be compatible, running Android 5.0 or higher*, or Apple iOS 8 or higher*. Available on selected devices only. 

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*Beta versions of operating systems are not supported.