Current account statements

Your statement shows your balance, transactions, arranged overdraft limit and any charges on your account. View up to 36 months of previous statements online and print a paper copy at any time. You can also choose to go paperless.

Getting your statement

Statements are sent monthly. If you choose to go paperless, we’ll send you an email, to let you know when your online statement is ready to view.

What's on your monthly statement

  • Your account balance – the funds that are in your account
  • Transactions made during the statement period
  • Arranged overdraft limit
  • Sort code and account number
  • IBAN, BIC and SWIFT numbers
  • Notice of Charges - this will appear at the end of your statement if you've incurred any fees or charges associated with both arranged and unarranged overdraft borrowing.

View your statements in the Banking app

  • View your balance and available balance at a glance, without logging in 
  • Then log in to the Banking app to view your balance and transactions for the past 15 months.

Download our banking app

View and download your printable statements in the Internet Bank

You can view details of your transactions for the previous 15 months, or download statements to see your transactions for the last 36 months.

To view previous statements (up to 12 months):

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank
  2. Choose your current account
  3. Look for the dates displayed bar, and
  4. Choose one of the data ranges, or enter your own dates.

Log in to the Internet Bank

To view previous statements (up 36 months): 

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank
  2. Choose your current account
  3. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Go to Previous statements to view PDF copies of your paper statements’

Log in to the Internet Bank

Get a mini-statement at an ATM cash point

An ATM mini-statement shows your balance and the last 10 transactions you've made.

Call Telephone Banking for a balance update

We'll then send you a mini-statement of your balance and the last 6 transactions.

If you find a payment you don't recognise

If you spot a payment you don’t recognise or suspect fraud, refer to our visa disputes page or:

  • call 0800 464 30 51 (UK)
  • + 44 1793 65 67 89 (abroad)
  • visit us in branch

Get a copy of a statement

Instantly download statements in the Internet Bank
Downloading a copy of your statement is quick and there's no charge:

  1. Go to the 'View accounts' menu
  2. Click on the account you want to view
  3. From the 'View accounts' panel on the left side of the page, click 'Previous statements'
  4. Select the PDF statement you want view and print.

Ask us to send you a copy of a statement
We can send you a copy of your statement in the post, and you'll receive it in 10 working days. To request a copy, either:

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Visit us in branch

If you need to speak to a member of staff, pop into any branch. 

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