Paying into an ISA

You can pay into most ISAs in your branch or online up to your annual allowance. This guide shows how you do that, as well as what to do if your ISA has different rules around paying in.

Remember, If you don’t use any of your ISA allowance for an entire tax year, the next time you try to pay into your Nationwide ISA, you’ll need to complete an ISA renewal form. If you don’t, the payment will not go through.

The quickest way to complete the form is by logging into the Internet Bank. If you haven’t already, you can register for the Internet Bank now.


It's possible to transfer your ISA from another manager, or between ISAs you have with us.
Find out more in our Managing your ISA page.

Accounts with different paying in rules

If you have one of the following ISAs, there are different rules around how to pay in, and paying in limits.

We suggest you check the terms and conditions for a detailed breakdown of managing your account.

Paying in cheques or cash at your branch


You can pay cash into any account in your name.


You can pay in with your passbook (if you have one) at your nearest branch.

All cheques paid in via a Nationwide branch before 7pm (Monday to Friday) will clear by 11.59pm the next working day.

Paying in online

  • Use the Banking app to move money between your Nationwide accounts.
  • Make a single payment or quick transfer on the Internet Bank.
  • Set up a one-off payment or standing order from your Nationwide or UK current account, by using the following details:
    • Sort code: 070093
    • Account number: 33333334
    • Roll/Ref: full account number e.g. 1234/123456789 (your full account number can be found in the Internet Bank or passbook, if you have one)

Don’t have internet banking? Register now.

Paying in from a non-ISA account you have with another provider


All our ISA accounts have the same sort code and account number.

Please make sure you include your ISA roll number in the reference section. This is in a four /nine number format, for example: 4567/987654321.

You can find it on our Banking app, Internet Bank, or in your passbook.

Follow your bank or building society’s process for moving money.

The account details you need to enter are:

  • Account number 33333334
  • Sort code 07 00 93
  • Your reference/roll number

Paying into a savings account

In this guide you’ll find instructions around paying into each of our savings accounts, and any maximum and minimum balances that may apply.

Paying-in instructions

Paying into a bond

You can’t pay into a Fixed Rate bond or e-Bond after you’ve opened it.

If you have more money you’d like to put into a bond, you could consider opening another bond or savings account.