Published on: 6 February 2023

Talk to us

A conversation – no matter how short or long – can help.

We set up a dedicated hotline because we want you to be able to easily speak to us. Talking about money can be hard – but sharing your worries with an expert can be the first step to feeling better about your finances.

Call us

Speak to a cost of living expert for support and guidance.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 9am to 12pm

Visit us in branch

Prefer to speak in person? Our colleagues in branch are always here to help you.

Financial health check appointments

You can now book a financial health check appointment with one of our cost of living experts too. They can help guide you through the issues you're facing and support you with the next steps in money management.

Your appointment can be by voice or video call, or in person across a selection of our branches. Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to complete a budget planner before your appointment. Completing the planner will help us tailor your appointment to suit your needs.

Call us to book

Opening times:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 9am to 12pm

0800 030 40 66

Debt support

If you’re worried about keeping on top of your debt and credit payments with us, we encourage you to speak to us. Our team of specialists are ready to talk through this with you.

Answering a few questions before you get in touch helps us to learn a bit more about your circumstances. We may guide you to speak to us or a free independent advisor who is better suited to help you. We want you to have the best support for your situation.

Mortgage Health Check

If you’re struggling with your mortgage payments, our 10-point checklist of options could help. If you are eligible, taking one or some of these options could make your payments easier to manage.

Helping you manage your money

Being aware of how much you're spending and what payments you have coming out of your account are important. That's why our Banking app allows you to check your account balance, transactions and upcoming payments in real-time.

In the Banking App you can set savings goals, round-up your spending and use our impulse saver feature. All of these tools make saving habits a little easier to keep up. Saving a small amount, in this way, can help you keep some money aside and access it quickly – in case you need it.

Earn more on your savings

If you can save, even a small amount, interest rates on our savings accounts and cash ISAs have generally gone up over the past 12 months. This means the money you put into savings earns you more interest than before. Here we explain why your interest rate can go up or down.

If you have any outstanding debts, consider paying them off first before looking into saving options.

Keeping your money safe from scammers

Unfortunately scammers will always try to take advantage of people, even in such tough times. We're working hard to protect you and your money.

If you're not sure about making a payment from your current account to someone else in the UK, talk to us first so we can help you through our Scam Checker Service. Learn more about our Scam Checker Service, the payments it covers and its conditions.

We regularly post articles on the latest scams to be aware of and offer lots of information about scams and how we can help if you've been a victim.

If times get even tougher

We've always been here when life takes an unexpected turn. We continue to be here for you through tough times.

If you’re struggling, our dedicated support services are here to help you navigate finances through illness, bereavement, gambling and other situations.

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