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Your options for borrowing more

We want you to find the most suitable option. When you get a quote for borrowing more, we'll give you some options to choose from. We'll base our quote on:

  • the amount left on your current loan
  • the extra amount you want to borrow
  • the number of years you want to repay over, and
  • our view of your circumstances.

If you have a Nationwide loan

You can choose to:

  1. Get a new loan that pays off your current loan and gives you the extra money you need. You'll then have 1 loan with a new interest rate and monthly repayments.
  2. Take out a second loan. This means you’ll have a separate loan alongside your existing one. You’ll repay the loans separately, which means you’ll have 2 monthly repayments to budget for. Your existing loan will remain under its original terms and interest rate.

You can’t have more than 2 Nationwide loans at once. If you have 2 Nationwide loans already you can:

  • combine an existing loan with a new one, keeping the other loan separate.
  • combine both existing loans with a new one. You’ll then have 1 loan with a new interest rate and monthly payments.

Each loan will have a separate monthly repayment, as well as an interest rate that may be different from your initial loan. This could mean you end up paying more interest than before.


You can’t borrow more than £25,000 total in personal loans from Nationwide, whether applying alone or jointly.

To apply for a loan

You can apply if:

  • you have a monthly income of £700 after tax.
  • you live and work in the UK.
  • you’re between 18 and 79 years old.
  • you’re a member of Nationwide. You're a member if you have a current account, mortgage or savings account with us.

If you’re applying for a joint loan, other criteria will apply.

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Other ways to borrow

A loan might not always be the right way to borrow the money you need. There might be a more suitable option for your financial situation. Learn about:

Nationwide adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk (opens in a new window)