View your account balance

You’ll have to register before you can use online banking.

Using the Banking app

To get your account balance in the Banking app:

  1. Log in to the Banking app.
  2. Select the account you wish to view from the list.

Though it's not possible to download a statement in our app, you can see all the payments in and out of your account in the transaction list. This will be set to 1 month but if you choose the activity from option, you'll be able to choose different time periods.


Information in your Banking app does not replace your monthly current account or credit card statements. These contain important information about your account and may notify you of any upcoming charges.

You should continue to log in to the Internet Bank regularly to view your full monthly statements.

In the Internet Bank

Through the Internet Bank, you can access older statement information, or search and filter your transaction data.

Get set up for online banking

You’ll have to register before you can bank with us online. Registering for the Internet Bank is fast and you can do it at home. You’ll just need your account details.