You can pay with your current account card, or send electronic payments to a person or organisation.

Card payments

You can use your Nationwide current account card to make payments by:

  • Chip and PIN: using your card and 4-digit PIN to pay for items
  • contactless: using your card for purchases up to £45, without needing your PIN
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay: using your mobile device to make contactless payments without your card and PIN.

There's no limit to how much you can pay in one transaction, but some retailers might only let you use your mobile device wallet for contactless payments of up to £45.

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are available on selected devices and operating systems. Apple Pay and Apple are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Pay and Android are trademarks of Google LLC. Samsung and Samsung Pay are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Card payments abroad

You can use your Nationwide debit card and PIN to make purchases anywhere in the world that accepts Visa cards.

You can find information about charges for using your card abroad on our using your card abroad page.

Electronic payments

You can use your Nationwide current account to set up a:

  • single payment: using information like the sort code, account number and name of the person or organisation you want to pay. You may also need to supply a reference, if you’re paying a bill, for example
  • standing order: send a regular payment automatically to a person or organisation, e.g. monthly or annually
  • Direct Debit: you set up this type of payment with a merchant, so that they can take money from your account for bills, like broadband or electricity.

You can make payments and set up new payees in branch, on the Internet Bank, or using the Banking app.

Payment limits

There is no limit to the number of payments you can make daily, but each individual payment has a limit.