We changed our travel insurance provider

On 1 May 2024, we changed our travel insurance provider to Aviva Insurance Limited. If you had a FlexPlus before this date, you may still be covered by U K Insurance Limited (UKI).

You can still manage your travel insurance and learn more in our area just for you.

What's included?

Exclusions and limitations apply to some types of cover, so always check the policy documents for full details. Here are some of the main benefits for each insured person.

  1. Missed departure cover

    We’ll pay for alternative travel and accommodation costs to help you reach your destination if there are unexpected delays, up to £1,000.

  2. Emergency medical expenses

    Including cover to bring you home, up to £10 million.

  1. Trip cancellation cover

    You’re covered for cancelling or cutting your trip short, up to £5,000.

  2. Alternative travel for disruptions

    In case your plans are disrupted, you can get alternative travel arrangements, up to £5,000.

  1. Travel delay cover

    In case your transport is delayed for more than 12 hours, up to £250.

  2. Personal belongings cover

    If your belongings are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged during a trip, up to £1,500. Item limits apply.


You'll need to pay £13 a month, even if you can't use the insurances. It's not possible to have a FlexPlus account without the insurances or the insurances without a FlexPlus account.

Worldwide family cover

  • Worldwide travel for you, your partner and dependent children
    Whether you’re travelling alone or together. Includes the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Cover for trips up to 31 days
    If you’re going away for longer than 31 days, you can buy a longer trip upgrade.

  • Winter sports
    Cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to winter sports equipment.


Excesses can apply when you claim. Please read the policy documents for details.

Who is covered?

All FlexPlus current account holders, their partners and dependent children.

You’re covered whether you travel together or independently.

Your partner is the person the account holder lives with at their home address. You should be in a relationship, whether married or living together, regardless of gender.

A dependent child is any child, including a legally adopted, fostered or stepchild, of the account holder. To be covered, they must be all of the following:

  • under 23 on the start date of the trip
  • living with the account holder or their other parent, and
  • not married or in a civil partnership.

When does the cover start?

As soon as your FlexPlus current account opens. This includes travel insurance as well as mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover.

Sometimes, we might not be able to open your account straight away. For example, if you're opening a joint account and we need additional signatures. In these cases, your cover begins as soon as you get our letter or email saying your account is open.

What's not included?

Here are the main exclusions.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that you haven’t told Aviva about. They have to agree to cover them. You will need to pay extra to cover some conditions.

  • Undiagnosed symptoms or health conditions.

  • Trips for medical treatment and advice or travelling with a terminal illness.

  • Trips to anywhere the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has advised against travel to.

  • Any costs or expenses that you can recover from elsewhere. For example, from the booking agent for your trip. Or through your credit or debit card if you paid using one and a service hasn’t been provided.

  • Any claims for known or existing events. For example, cancelling or cutting short your trip due to a known illness or injury of a close relative or travelling companion.

  • Any costs or expenses for a person not insured by this policy. For example, if you pay for a friend’s accommodation and have to cancel the trip. You can’t claim for your friend’s accommodation costs.

  • Cover for non-UK residents. A UK resident is someone who has their main home address in the UK, spends at least 6 months of any 12-month period in the UK and is registered with a UK GP.

Cover for medical conditions

Before you open a FlexPlus current account, you should get a quote for cover for any pre-existing medical conditions.

When you get a quote, Aviva will let you know if they can cover the condition and if any terms apply. You might need to pay extra for cover.

You can't get cover for undiagnosed health problems. You should wait until you have a diagnosis before you book a trip. That way you can get the cover you need.


Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered as standard.

How to find alternative medical cover

If the insurer cannot offer you an upgrade to cover you for a medical condition, or the cost of an upgrade for your medical condition is more than expected, help could still be available.

To find an alternative travel insurance provider:

Upgrade your travel insurance

There may be times when you may need to increase some of the limits or extend your cover.

Before you travel, make sure you have the upgrades you need to cover your trip. Aviva offer 4 different upgrades:

  • cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • longer trip cover for trips over 31 days
  • extended cruise cover
  • increased cover for cancelling or coming home early

Any upgrades you buy are only valid while you qualify for FlexPlus travel insurance. They have the same terms and conditions as the standard policy.

To ensure you’re fully covered, consider buying your upgrade when you book your trip.

Check how much upgrades cost

Not yet a FlexPlus customer?

Before you apply for a FlexPlus current account, you can check how much your upgrades will cost online with Aviva.

If you’re happy with their quote, you’ll be able to come back here to apply for a FlexPlus. You’ll need to purchase the upgrade after your account is open.

Already a FlexPlus customer?

You can get a quote for any upgrades you need and purchase them online on the Aviva portal.

To register on the portal, you’ll need your FlexPlus account number and sort code.

Who provides this cover

Our FlexPlus Worldwide Family Travel Insurance is provided by Aviva Insurance Limited.

Policy documents

The FlexPlus travel insurance policy is made up of the following documents.

Our other FlexPlus insurances

Our packaged bank account, FlexPlus, also comes with worldwide mobile phone insurance and UK and European breakdown cover for just £13 a month.

Mobile phone insurance

For your family's mobile phones, no matter where you take them.

Breakdown cover

For journeys anywhere in Europe.

For existing FlexPlus members with Aviva

Make a travel insurance claim

We’ll ask you a few questions to get you to the right place and then you can make a claim.

Manage your travel insurance

Aviva have an online portal that you can use any time to buy upgrades, get proof of your travel insurance, register claims and more.

To register on the portal, you’ll need your FlexPlus account number and sort code.

If your circumstances change

Insured family member moving out

If an insured person stops living at your address, they won't be covered any more. If they are only away temporarily, for example at university, they are still covered.

Leaving the UK

If you move away from the UK, you'll still have to pay the £13 fee each month. However, you won't qualify for any of the insurances that come with the account.

Cancelling your cover

The only way to cancel your travel insurance is to close your FlexPlus current account. You cannot cancel individual insurance policies, they come as a package.

If you close your FlexPlus current account, your cover and any upgrades will come to an end. You will not be able to get a refund for any upgrades you've bought outside of the 14 day cooling-off period.