What's included?

Exclusions and limitations apply to some types of cover, so always check the policy documents for full details. Here are some of the main benefits.

  1. Expert Patrols

    The AA has more expert Patrols (opens in a new window) than anyone else. Whether you drive petrol, diesel or electric, they'll get you back on the road quickly.

  2. Report online or over the phone

    You can report a breakdown and track your Patrol right to your side using the free AA app, the AA website or by phone.

  1. Replacement vehicle

    For 2 days in the UK, or up to £120 a day towards a replacement vehicle in the rest of Europe.

  2. No excess to pay

    Don’t worry about needing to pay any excess when you claim.

  1. Help even if your car can’t be fixed

    If your car can’t be fixed at the roadside, the AA will tow it to a garage. They’ll provide a replacement vehicle for up to 2 days, pay for alternative transport costs or arrange and pay for a night’s accommodation at a hotel.


You'll need to pay £13 a month to maintain a FlexPlus current account, even if you can't use the insurances.

It's not possible to have a FlexPlus account without the insurances or the insurances without a FlexPlus account.

Assistance throughout Europe, all day, every day

  • Support wherever you are
    No matter where you are, you'll be helped on your way with the AA's Roadside Assistance, At Home, National Recovery and Onward Travel covers.

  • Unlimited callouts
    There are no limits on the number of call outs you can make. Vehicles must be serviced, maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines, taxed and have a valid MOT. You'll need to show evidence of this if the AA think you're using the service too much.

Who is covered?

Our FlexPlus breakdown cover includes both:

  • personal cover – FlexPlus account holders are covered in any eligible vehicle they're travelling in, whether as a driver or passenger; and
  • vehicle cover – all eligible vehicles you own are covered, even if you're not travelling in them.

Your dependent children are only covered if they're driving an eligible vehicle that you own.

You can learn more about eligibility for assistance, including vehicle eligibility, in the policy document.

When does the cover start?

As soon as your FlexPlus current account opens. This includes breakdown cover as well as travel insurance and mobile phone insurance.

Sometimes, we might not be able to open your account straight away. For example, if you’re opening a joint account and we need signatures. In these cases, your cover begins as soon as you get our letter or email saying your account is open.

What's not included?

Exclusions and limitations apply to some types of cover, so always check the policy documents for full details. Here are some of the main exclusions.

  • Vehicles that do not have a valid MOT or vehicle tax.

  • Vehicles that are not serviced or maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines.

  • The cost of fuel and replacement parts. This is unless the work is carried out by the AA or its appointed agent and costs £5 or less, based on the AA's retail prices.

  • Vehicles with trade plates or that the AA have reason to believe have been imported or purchased at auction.

  • Vehicles that exceed the weight and size dimensions listed in the policy document.

  • Vehicles not registered in the UK.

  • Cover for non-UK residents. A UK resident is someone who spends at least 6 months of any 12-month period in the UK.

Who provides the cover?

Our FlexPlus UK and European Breakdown Assistance is provided by the AA.

Policy documents

The FlexPlus breakdown cover policy is made up of the following documents.

Our other FlexPlus insurances

Our packaged bank account, FlexPlus, also comes with worldwide family travel and mobile phone insurance for just £13 a month to maintain the account.

Travel insurance

For you and your family's globetrotting adventures.

Mobile phone insurance

For your family’s mobile phones, no matter where you take them.

For existing FlexPlus members

If you already have a FlexPlus current account, here's how you can get the assistance you need and what to do if your circumstances have changed.

Call for breakdown assistance

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

UK: 0800 11 88 55
Abroad: +44 1793 54 12 00
Textphone: Prefix either of these numbers with 18001

Get breakdown assistance online

You can request breakdown assistance online on the AA website.

If your circumstances change

Changing your vehicle

If you change your vehicle to another one that’s eligible, you don’t need to contact us or the AA. You'll still be covered automatically. You can find out more about vehicle eligibility in your policy document.

Leaving the UK

If you move away from the UK, you'll still have to pay the £13 fee each month for maintaining the account. However, you won't qualify for any of the insurances that come with the account.

Cancelling your cover

The only way to cancel your breakdown cover is to close your FlexPlus current account. You cannot cancel individual insurance policies, they come as a package.