Find out what happens if your ISA has already matured, and how to close your ISA early.

Looking to know your options when your ISA matures? Find out and let us know what you'd like to do.

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Is your ISA about to mature?

You’ve got different options when your ISA matures, and it’s important you let us know what you decide. Find out what your options are, and let us know your decision on our Fixed Rate ISA Maturity Options page.

If your ISA has already matured

We’ll transfer your account balance into a Fixed Term ISA Maturity account. You’ll be able to access your money in this account whenever you like. You can find out more in the account’s terms and conditions.

Closing your ISA early

If you want to withdraw your money before your Fixed Rate ISA matures, you’ll need to pay an early access charge. For full information, please check your account terms and conditions.

Close in the Internet Bank

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank (opens in a new window).
  2. Go to My Messages.
  3. Send us a secure message.

Don’t have internet banking?

Not to worry, you can close your account by visiting us in branch with your ISA certificate. Remember to bring some proof of identity, like a driving licence or passport, too.

Lost your ISA certificate?

If you’ve lost your certificate, or it’s been stolen, you can let us know:

We do not provide bond certificates for e-Bonds or Online Bonds.​