Find out about managing a joint bond, closing a bond early, and what happens when a bond matures.

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Bond maturity

You'll have several options when when your bond matures. It's important to let us know what you decide. Find out what your options are, and let us know your decision, on our fixed rate bond maturity options page.

If you don't let us know, we'll transfer your account balance into a maturity account, giving you access to your money whenever you like.

You can find out more in the account's terms and conditions.

Joint bonds

If you have a joint Fixed Rate Bond

If you have a joint Fixed Rate Bond, how you provide your maturity instructions depends on whether your bond requires one or both account holders' signatures.​

One signature

If your joint bond only requires one account holder's signature, either of you can let us know what you'd like to do when your bond matures. If you choose to reinvest in a new bond, that bond will be set up in the same joint names with only one signature needed to operate it.

Both signatures

If your joint bond requires both account holders' signatures, you'll need to complete the paper maturity instruction form in your maturity pack. This will need to be signed by all the account holders and returned to us at:​

Dept NW3001
Nationwide Building Society
SN38 1NW

You could also return it to your local branch.

If you have a joint Fixed Rate e-Bond, Fixed Rate Online Bond​ or Member Online Bond

We'll send both account holders an email that explains your options at maturity. Please make sure both your email addresses in the 'My details' section of the Internet Bank are up to date.

Please note, joint Fixed Rate e-Bonds, Fixed Rate Online Bonds and Member Online Bonds only require a signature from one account holder.

Lost your Fixed Rate Bond certificate?

If you’ve lost your certificate, or it’s been stolen, you can let us know:

We do not provide bond certificates for e-Bonds or Online Bonds.​

Closing your bond early

Fixed Rate Online Bonds and Member Online Bonds

There's no option to close a Fixed Rate Online Bond or a Member Online Bond early. You'll need to wait until the account matures before you can access your money.

Fixed Rate Bonds and e-Bonds

If you want to close a Fixed Rate Bond or e-Bond before it matures, you'll need to pay an early access charge.

For full information, please check your account terms and conditions.

How to close your Fixed Rate Bond or e-Bond early:

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank (opens in a new window).
  2. Go to My Messages.
  3. Send us a secure message.

Don't have internet banking?

Not to worry, you can close your account by visiting us in branch. Just remember to bring proof of identity, such as a driving licence or passport, as well as any account cards, passbooks and certificates.