Our Fixed Rate e-Bonds are no longer available. Instead, we now offer Fixed Rate Online Bonds.

There are some differences between our Fixed Rate Online Bonds and our previous Fixed Rate e-Bonds. If you've ever held a Fixed Rate e-Bond, it's important to be aware of these differences.

Table comparing Fixed Rate Online Bonds with previously available Fixed Rate e-Bonds
Fixed Rate Online Bonds Fixed Rate e-Bonds - no longer available
Interest Interest is paid annually on the anniversary of account opening and on maturity. It can only be paid into the bond, not into another account. Interest was paid annually or monthly and could be paid into another account.
Paying into your account You can pay money in when you open the account. You can also pay in money up to 14 days after opening the account.​ You could only pay money in when you opened the account. After this point, no more money could be added.
Early closure Once the 14 day cooling off period is over, you cannot close your account to access your money until it matures.​ After the 14 day cooling off period, there was an early access charge if you closed your account.
Account number You'll get a new account number and sort code when you first save into a Fixed Rate Online Bond. This number will then roll over if you reinvest your Fixed Rate Online Bond.​ When reinvesting an e-Bond, your existing e-Bond account number would have rolled over to your reinvestment.

When your Fixed Rate Online Bond matures

A Fixed Rate Online Bond will mature into a maturity account, giving you instant access to your money. From your maturity account, you'll be able to:​

  • reinvest your money in another Fixed Rate Online Bond​
  • transfer money to another Nationwide account, or to an account you’ve nominated with another provider, or
  • withdraw all the money from the account and close it.​