Find out what to do if you have problems with your Nationwide Visa debit or credit card abroad, fees and charges for using your card, and useful phone numbers.

Medical emergencies

If you or someone on your insurance needs urgent medical treatment, call U K Insurance Limited.

FlexPlus medical assistance

For 24-hour medical assistance, call U K Insurance Limited:

If your card stops working

If you find that your card has stopped working, it may be because our 24/7 fraud monitoring systems have spotted something that looks suspicious on your account.

When this happens, we block your Visa debit or credit card used to prevent any fraud against you.

We'll call or text your mobile number to check if you made the transaction. If it was, we'll get the card working again straight away.

If you don't hear from us or don't have your mobile with you, call us as soon as possible. Answer some security questions, and we'll do our best to get your card working again.

If your PIN gets locked

Your PIN will get locked if you enter it wrongly 3 times. After 3 times you won't be able to use your card.

You can try to unlock your PIN at a UK-based bank's cash machine. This has worked for some customers, but we can't guarantee you'll be successful. You may have to wait until you get back to the UK to unlock your PIN.

If your card is lost or stolen

If your card’s lost or stolen, it’s important to make sure it can’t be used by someone else.

If it’s a debit card, you can freeze your card so that it can’t be used to pay for things. If it’s a credit card, you’ll need to let us know as soon as possible by reporting it in the Banking app or calling us.

Charges for using your cards abroad

The charges you'll pay when making a purchase or withdrawal abroad using your Visa debit or credit card will depend on:

  • the type of transaction you make
  • the card you use
  • where you use it.