Common reasons your card might not work

Before you call us, here are some things to check when your card's not working.

There's not enough money in your account

Make sure there’s enough money in your account for the payment. There's a difference between your available balance and account balance.

There's a problem with the card or cash machine

There could be an issue with the shop's card machine or the cash machine. Try another shop or cash machine.

Contactless payments aren't working

If contactless payments aren't working, try using Chip and PIN instead.

You'll need to use Chip and PIN:

  • when you're using a new contactless card for the first time
  • if you're making a payment of more than £100
  • every now and then as a security check.

Your PIN might be locked

We’ll lock your PIN after it’s been entered incorrectly 3 times, just in case someone else is trying to use your card.

Replacing a damaged card

Call us if your card is damaged or still not working. We'll look into it for you to see if we can fix the problem.

We'll replace any broken or damaged cards free of charge.

Which account are you calling about?