Why you need a card reader

Using a card reader when banking online helps us to check it's you, and helps keep your money safe and secure. We won't always ask you to use it, but there's always a chance you might need it.


We're making some changes so you won't need your card reader as often when you make payments in our Banking app. It's still as safe and secure. But you'll still need to keep your card reader.

We'll ask you to use your card reader if you need to:

  • pay someone new in our Internet Bank
  • change your personal details

We'll send you a card reader when you register for online banking. But if you lose it, or if it stops working, you can order a new card reader.

Online banking without a card reader

You can do some online banking without a card reader. It's still as safe and secure. We take many things into account to decide if we need to ask you to use it, to keep your account safe.

You don't need a card reader to:

  • view your accounts
  • transfer money between your eligible accounts
  • pay someone with our Banking app (we may ask you to use your card reader from time to time, to verify that it's you making the payment)
  • cancel your Visa debit and credit cards if they've been lost or stolen
  • freeze your Visa debit card with the Banking app if you've lost it, and unfreeze it again if you find it

Online shopping

You can confirm online purchases using a one-time passcode sent to you by text or email, or with our Banking app. You don't need to use your card reader.

Order a new card reader for free

Most of our branches have card readers you can take away with you, or you can order one online and we’ll post it to you (this will normally take around 5 days).


If you’ve recently registered for the Internet Bank, it can take up to 7 days for your card reader to arrive.