Last PIN try

This means you’ve used the wrong PIN twice. Only use your PIN during your last PIN try if you are confident you know it.

If you enter the wrong PIN for the third time, your Visa debit card will get locked.

You cannot use contactless, withdraw cash or use your card online or in store with a locked card. Payments through e-wallets, standing orders and direct debits will continue to work.

PIN locked call issuer

This happens when you’ve used the wrong PIN 3 times.

Card error 2 or Card error 3

This means there’s a problem with the chip on your Visa debit or credit card. You’ll need to order a new card.

Error or Check card

Double check your card is in the card reader the right way. The chip–side of the card goes into the card reader first, facing upwards.

Wrong card

This means the card you want to make a transaction with doesn't match the card you've put in your card reader.

Check the last 4 digits on the card, as this should match the Visa debit card you're trying to pay with.

Battery low or no power

This means you need to replace the batteries to continue using the card reader.

To replace the batteries in your card reader:

  1. Get 2 CR2032 batteries.
  2. Find the back of the card reader.
  3. Push the tip of a pen into the small, rectangular hole near the bottom.
  4. Pull out the battery drawer.
  5. Remove the old batteries.
  6. Add the new batteries in the + and - positions.
  7. Push the drawer back into the card reader.

If you don’t have the right batteries, you can order a new card reader.

If you can’t fix it, order a new one for free

Most of our branches have card readers you can take away with you, or you can order one online and we’ll post it to you (this will take around 5 days).


If you’ve recently registered for the Internet Bank, it can take up to 7 days for your card reader to arrive.