We're refreshing our Banking app

Our app has a new look, enhanced security and added features.

What to look out for:

  • set up account biometrics to make payments without a card reader
  • easier access to your most used features
  • simpler current account management
  • the ability to amend your payment references

We've got more app updates on the way to help make your everyday banking easier.

Show transcript

[0:00 Illustrated hand with smart phone and new app] 

0:02 We are launching a new app.  With a refreshed look and feel and selfie authentication, removing the need for a card reader.   

[0:12 Card reader appears] 

[0:16 Card reader explodes] 

0:17 We are rolling the app out to our customers gradually. 

0:21 Easier to manage your money: New home screen and updated navigation. Simpler navigation to the features you use most. 

[00:21 Device with new app screen appears] 

0:30 Easier to make payments. Introducing selfie authentication.  We are rolling this out gradually and users will be notified in the app when this is available. 

00:41 As you roll this out you will no longer need a card reader.   

[00:44 Card reader appears and then explodes] 

00:46 Setting up selfie authentication.  Complete the simple steps to set up selfie authentication,   

[00:49 Adult male takes selfie in camera to set up authentication] 

00:55 And you can authenticate payments without a card reader. 

[00:58 Image of app showing screens discussing sending money without needing the card reader (but it will still be need for the Internet Bank)] 

1:00 If you want to keep the card reader that’s ok too – just select Continue to pay with a card reader. 

1:05 If you are unable to complete when you see the pop up message, set it to Remind me later or access via your settings menu.

What our app does

Our Banking app is just for members. A safe and secure way to manage your everyday banking needs.

  • Check your balance and see your transactions
    Search and filter your transaction history and view pending payments.

  • Make secure payments and transfers
    Transfer money, pay your bills, manage cards or send money to a friend.

  • Manage your account from all your devices
    Use the app on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also add your card to your Apple Wallet.

  • Set savings goals
    Tell the app how much you want to save, and by when. It'll suggest how much you need to save every day, week or month.

Bank safely and securely

Log in with your passnumber. Or choose fingerprint or face recognition, if your device allows.

  • Bank securely with our sophisticated encryption technology
    The same as we use for our Internet Bank.

  • Freeze and unfreeze your debit cards
    Misplaced your debit card? Freeze it with the app. Once you've found it you can unfreeze it again.

  • An extra layer of security with account biometrics
    Secure your account with a new authentication method so that you can do more in the app without a card reader.

  • Logging you out automatically
    In case you forget or leave your mobile or tablet somewhere.

  • Verify your online purchases with Online Shopping Authentication
    Confirm it's you making a payment when you shop online.

Using account biometrics

Our new authentication method in our app means you won't need to use a card reader to make payments.

Banking app security

Keeping your money safe is our top priority. Find out what we do and also tips on how you can protect your money too.

Digital Banking Promise

Our Digital Banking Promise protects you when you're banking with us. It covers refunds, unauthorised transactions and round the clock protection.

Need help using our Banking app?

From getting set up and making payments through to keeping your accounts secure, we're here to help you feel confident when banking online.

Making digital work for you

Your online security is important to us. Learn how going digital with Nationwide helps to keep your account safe from fraud and scams.

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