I've forgotten all of my internet banking login details

Your login details are your:

  • Customer number - the 10-digit number we posted to you when you opened your account.
  • Memorable data - a name, place or date you chose when you registered for internet banking.
  • Passnumber - the 6-digit number you use to log in to the Banking app or Internet Bank.

If you've only forgotten your customer number

You can easily find it using the Banking app or our lookup tool.

Find your customer number

If you've only forgotten your memorable data or passnumber

You can log in to the Internet Bank using your customer number and card reader, then change your details:

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank using a card reader.
  2. Click on the "Manage" tab at the top of the page.
  3. Go to "My Security" and click "View or change my security settings".
  4. Find "My passnumber/memorable data".
  5. Click on "Change" to update your passnumber.
Log in to the Internet Bank

If you've forgotten all your login details or don't have a card reader

As long as you haven't registered for internet banking in the last 7 days, you can reset your passnumber and memorable data - and retrieve your customer number - by re-registering.

You'll need to have your account details to hand, so we can identify you on our systems. Once you've reset your login details, you can log in straight away.

Re-register for internet banking