Save to Buy accounts are now known as Single Access accounts. Here you can find out what’s changed and how to manage your Single Access ISA Issue 3 and Single Access Saver Issue 1. For other Single Access accounts, please see the Key Product Information.

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Taking money out

You can make one withdrawal each account year and keep the same interest rate.

But remember – if you take money out again during your account year, your interest rate will go down from the day of the second withdrawal. It won't go back up again until the start of your next account year.

Your account year

Your account year should start on 27 January and is every 12 months after that.

You can check your account year:

Applying for a mortgage

Our Save to Buy mortgage closed to new applicants on 31 March 2020.

But you can keep on saving into your Single Access account, up to £25,000.

Your account details won't have changed, including any Direct Debits or standing orders you've got set up.

When you’re ready to apply for a mortgage

You can use your savings towards a deposit, either with us or another mortgage provider.

No longer want to use your savings for a mortgage deposit?

You can carry on saving, move your money, or take your money out. Whatever you decide, we're here to help.

Your £25,000 balance cap

If your current balance is over £25,000

All your money will show in your Single Access account – but you won't be able to add any more savings to this.

If your current balance is less than £25,000

All your money will show in your new Single Access account, where you can carry on saving up to £25,000. Or if you have an ISA account, you can save up to the annual ISA allowance.

Your account documents

We posted you copies of the Summary and Key Product Information in February 2020.

These are also online for you:

Single Access ISA Issue 3

Single Access Saver Issue 1

Closing your account

You can close your account:

If you decide to visit a branch and don’t want to wait, you can make an appointment by calling us.

Closing an ISA?

If you're looking to move your ISA savings to a non-ISA account, your money will lose its tax-free status. More about transferring and closing an ISA.