What to expect when changing your Direct Debit

Direct Debits normally take at least two weeks to update. This means your payment date may stay the same the month you request a change. Your new payment date will start the following month or even the month after. We only collect payments between the 1 and 28 of the month.

If you are changing the account your Direct Debit comes from this can also take up to two weeks to change.

We'll send you a letter within five working days to confirm when your changes will take place.


Depending on when you request your new payment date to start could mean you'll need to make two payments close together.

Examples of payment changes and when they would take effect

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Table showing examples of what effect changing your Direct Debit has on payment dates.
Date change submitted Current DD date New DD date requested New change takes effect When will my next payments come out?
8 July 1 of the month 28 of the month 28 August Next payment will be on 28 August.
27 July 15 of the month 1 of the month 1 September Your August payment will be collected as usual on 15 August and your new payment will take effect from 1 September
8 July 28 of the month 1 of the month 1 August Current payment will be collected as usual on 28 July. New Payment will be collected 1 August.
20 July 28 of the month 1 of the month 1 September Payment will be collected as usual on 28 July and 28 August. New payment will be collected from 1 September.

Ways to set up or change your Direct Debit

Use these forms to change your Direct Debit. Please have your mortgage account number ready. You can find this on your annual mortgage statement, Internet Bank or our Banking app.

Change your Direct Debit date

Set up a new Direct Debit or change your bank details