Financial crime is a growing risk for us all. That’s why regulations have been put in place to help keep you and your accounts safe online.

Protecting our customers

Like other banks and building societies, we regularly check for any suspicious activity such as fraud and money laundering.

To help with this, we’re also required to confirm the details of our customers.

By confirming a few details about you, your accounts and your income, we’ll be working together to keep each other safe and fight financial crime.

What happens if you don’t confirm your details

You’ll need to confirm your details by a certain date before you can continue to bank online. We’ll remind you to do this before you log in.

About your details

We’ll ask you to confirm your:

  • employment status – along with the names and addresses of any employers
  • job role
  • industry
  • job start date
  • monthly income
  • country of birth
  • nationality (and other nationalities if you have more than one).

What happens with your details

We’ll only use your details to help:

  • protect you and your money
  • meet our legal requirements
  • identify and prevent crimes like fraud, money laundering and corruption

How often we’ll ask to confirm your details

We’re required to check the details of our customers every so often – normally every few years – just to make sure everything is up to date.

How to confirm your details

There are two ways you can confirm your details with us.

On the Banking app

We’ll ask you to confirm your details when you log in. Otherwise you can go to Details and Settings then Your details and select Review my details, where you can check all your information and make any updates.

In the Internet Bank

We’ll ask you to confirm your details when you log in. Otherwise you can go to Manage my details and settings then My details, where you can review all your information and make any updates.

Call us

If you need to get in touch with us, give us a call.

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